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About Us

Entrayn is founded and managed by alumni of Harvard, Stanford, IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad. The core management team has more than 80 years of collective experience in diverse fields. Their prior accomplishments include setting up multiple startups and scaling them to multi-million dollar companies. Each and every member of the team is dedicated to the mission of enhancing Training at low cost using powerful technology in combination with superior pedagogy and best practices.

What we do

We are in the Competitive Exams space. We cater to students who are looking at taking up their GRE, GATE, JEE. We are looking at adding more courses to our offering shortly.

Galvanizetestprep (GTP) is a brainchild of Entrayn Education Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

At GTP we give our valuable customers learning and teaching experiences that they love! In other words, we empower Learners and Instructors to become more effective and also enjoy what they're doing.

GTP seeks to enable better education through better technology. Thus we constantly and actively contribute towards all aspects of the Learning Value Chain including Best Practices not just in Software and Technology, but also in Pedagogy, Content Creation, Learning Delivery, Progress & Performance Tracking, and Personalized Learning/Teaching experiences.