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Why Galvanize Test Prep for Admissions Counselling?

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University Shortlisting

Shortlisting universities is the very first step in the application process – one you can spend months on or have an expert guide you through it. Our Admission experts will carefully analyze all aspects of your profile and preference. We then recommend 8-12 universities for up to 2 countries.

These programs will be classified as “Ambitious”, “Practical” and “Safe” based on the likelihood of admission for your profile and credentials.

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose (‘SOP’) is a 1-1.5 page write-up of your unique academic journey and career aspirations. Our experts will provide you a set of questions and step-by-step guidelines which will help you prepare a first draft.

We will then review your draft and recommend improvements for up to 3 iterations. Some programs may ask for additional essays in response to specific questions. We’ll help you here as well.

Recommendation Letters

Most universities require 3 Letters of Recommendation (‘LORs’) from your professors or supervisors.

Some recommenders may welcome editing for better clarity of language – Galvanize can help here! We’ll coach you, step-by-step to ensure you end up with the perfect Letters of Recommendation.

Resume Review

A resumé is a 1-2 page summary of your academic interests, projects and achievements. We’ll provide you with a template, review resumé drafts and suggest improvements until we’re sure it highlights the best aspects of your background.

Visa Counselling

Few students anticipate how stressful the visa application process can be. Luckily, our visa counselling sessions will help familiarise you with the process while giving you must-have information on all documentation!

Our experts will conduct mock visa interviews to give you a much-needed confidence boost as well as invaluable tips on acing the visa interview!

Constant Support

Applying to universities abroad can be a daunting experience. But with a Galvanize Admissions Counsellor in your corner, it doesn’t have to be.

Our experts take pride in doing what they do – and doing it in a timely manner! Not only will they simplify the application process (so you don’t lose a ton of sleep and money in the process), they’ll back you from Day 1 until the day your acceptance letters start coming in!







What other services does Galvanize provide?

Going above and beyond for you is just another day for us at Galvanize.

Education Financing

After an in-depth evaluation to assess your financing needs, we will connect you to leading education loan providers. Quick, easy, painless.

Health Insurance

You’ll need adequate international student insurance – we’ll direct you to the right package of benefits, inclusions and coverage amounts.

Courier Services

Send your transcripts/ documents with Galvanize via DHL. Save up-to 35% on shipping charges. A big win for you, in our books!

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