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I turned to Galvanize for help with my application process and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

Vignesh R

Sahil Gupta, Chennai, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - sahil Gupta

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

University of California – San Diego, USA

University of Pennsylvania, USA

IIT Madras

The application process to foreign universities is daunting in terms of the quantity of documents required. Galvanize admission counselling helped streamline the entire process.
The team clearly laid down the plan for the months leading up to my university deadlines.
The universities were shortlisted based on several factors including an initial review conducted at the beginning of the counselling process. The list was extensive and well researched which helped me filter out universities based on my interests.
The drafting process for my SOP and LOR was exhausting and extremely time consuming. The admissions counselor at Galvanize helped me at every step with fast and reliable reviews on my SOP and diversity essays.
They also kept me motivated all this time with weekly reminders.
Ultimately, I would definitely say Galvanize AC helped me in achieving an exciting admit. Galvanize AC was definitely a crucial piece of my journey in applying for a Master’s abroad.

Neil Rodrigues, Kerala, India


University of Pennsylvania, USA

Purdue University, USA

NIT Calicut

I required some assistance in framing my resume, SOP etc, given the semester workload I had. My experience with Galvanize was beyond expectations, they helped with numerous iterations of my Resume. Moreover they helped me tailor my SOP with the requirements of each university.
The best thing about Galvanize is they are very approachable. There were times when I forwarded my SOP the previous night and they proofread it within 24 hours.

Niranjana Prasannakumar, Chennai, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Avatar

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA

University of Maryland – College Park, USA

Texas A&M University – College Station, USA

IIT Madras

The Galvanize team helped me choose universities that fit my profile – with my dream schools and safe schools included to guarantee admits. Drafting an SOP is always tedious. Galvanize guided me through the making of my Statement of Purpose pointing out mistakes and indicating areas of improvement to make my SOP winning.
I thank Galvanize for the incessant support and guidance that was offered me throughout the process. Galvanize has helped me immensely. What better than getting an admit from an Ivy-League university for a program its known for?

Vignesh R, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Vignesh Ramakrishnan

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

German Institute of Science and Technology, TUM Asia

VIT Chennai

At first, I thought I didn’t need any help applying to universities, because I was confident that this was something I could do by myself. However, once I understood the huge amount of competition out there, the gravity of the situation sunk in. I turned to Galvanize for help with my application process and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! My Admission Counsellor at Galvanize was extremely knowledgeable and dispelled all my concerns.
Right from my shortlisting universities to crafting my Resume and my Statement of Purpose, and discussing with my profs for my Letters of Recommendation, I was given a lot of support. The Galvanize Team also responded quickly to all my questions and made the entire apping experience a stress-free one! Thanks to Galvanize, I got accepted at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – my dream school! Thank you, guys, you’re awesome 😀

Sanjana Suresh, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Sanjana Suresh

University of Texas – Arlington, USA

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Temple University, USA

BNM Institute of Technology

One of the nice things about Galvanize is that their price is so affordable! Moreover, the GRE faculty teach the video lessons with such simplicity that even a novice like me could understand the concepts. I liked the GRE program at Galvanize, which is why I enrolled with Galvanize for Admission Counseling. As per my request, my Admission Counsellors shortlisted 6 universities based on my scores. They explained the procedure via a Google Hangouts call. I must say that the best thing is that Galvanize helps us help ourselves. I wrote all my SOPs, essays, etc and the Galvanize team reviewed it and gave their valuable suggestions. They helped me fine-tune my essays. The team also reviewed my application forms! I am still in the process of submitting my applications, and help from Galvanize is always extended. I have received admits from 2 reputed universities (Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, and Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago) – thank you, Galvanize!

Akshaya Sundar, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Akshaya Sundar

University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA

Rajalakshmi Engineering College

I first signed up for Galvanize’s online GRE prep course. I was more than satisfied with my GRE prep experience, so it was a no-brainer to enroll for their Admissions Counseling services too! It turned out to be a great experience from start to finish as they explained everything to me and laid out a clear plan for each step of the application process. My Admission Counselor at Galvanize helped me shortlist suitable universities in the United States and Canada based on my profile. Further, there was tremendous help from her when it came to drafting my Statement of Purpose. They also guided me with how I should approach my professors for the Letters of Recommendation. Because of Galvanize Test Prep, what seemed impossible is now accomplished!

Suganya Ramalingam, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Suganya Ramalingam

State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

University of Illinois Chicago, USA

University of Texas Dallas, USA

Rajalakshmi Engineering College

I have to say that Galvanize Admission Counsellors guided me in my graduate admission process in such an expert manner. It was clear that they had a lot of experience helping students get good admits. I was provided with multiple application templates and valuable feedback at each step of the process. These were all very beneficial to me as these helped me in securing multiple admits. I am really happy that such an important step of my future – my M.S university – was secured in such a professional and stress-free way!

Shahnaz Shariff, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Shahnaz Shariff

Queens University, Canada

College of Engineering, Guindy
Entrayn Education Technologies

I am Shahnaz Shariff, alumna of Anna University, Chennai. I am very grateful to Galvanize because they helped me secure admission for a Masters program in Computer Science at my dream university – Queens University, Canada! The Admission Counsellor at Galvanize took my consideration into account and went through my profile several times to shortlist the right set of universities for my profile. They also gave me valuable recommendations on my resume, SOP, and all other documents. They supported me through multiple iterations and the final product I saw was really perfect. Thank you, Galvanize

Sarvesh Prabhakar, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -sarvesh

University of Toronto, Canada

University of Texas at Arlington, USA

University of Cincinnati, USA

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Hi, my name is Sarvesh Prabhakar and I am currently in the final year of my undergraduation ( B.Tech) in mechanical engineering from SRM Institute of Science and Technology.I wanted to do my Masters in Aerospace Engineering because it has always an area of interest for me, ever since my childhood.After I was done with my GRE, I began to think about the application process. I had heard some very positive feedback from several of my friends about Galvanize’s admission process. So I signed up for the admission counseling. The thing that sets apart Galvanize from others is the systematic step by step approach to each stage of the admission process with a huge amount of individual focus given to every student.The shortlisting of universities, in my opinion, is the most important thing in this whole process and it was very carefully done, on my behalf, based on my profile.Yes, its true that a very appealing & strong intent of interest is to be displayed in your SOP/LOR which is the key criteria in bagging the admission from the reputed university. This is where Galvanize was a life saver for me, they ensured my SOP was a reflection of my thoughts & Skills and they in fact made 3 iterations of my SOP. So when I saw my final SOP it was so convincing for me that I submitted that with 100% confidence.A BIG YES, very much I got admit from University which I intended. This is where Galvanize stands a notch above anyone , they made me go inside the university which I intended, they didn’t push me into some affiliate university.

Amal Sony, Telangana India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Avatar

North Carolina State University, USA

Arizona State University, USA

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

BITS, Pilani
CA Technologies

I was not too confident of my chances of getting an admit in Computer Science. That’s when I decided to take the help of Galvanize’s Admissions Counseling. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They helped me shortlist universities, helped me streamline my SOP and other essays. They saw my SOP through multiple iterations, helping me play my strong suit in each of those essays.  One of the things I liked most were the quick replies. Having a personal advisor really paid off!  Finally, I got multiple admits including one from my dream university!
It goes without saying that Galvanize played an important role in getting me into the university I most desired.

Karthik Sriram, Chennai, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Karthik_Sriram.JPG

New York University, USA

Northeastern University, USA

Temple University, USA

SRM University, Vadapalani

The support Galvanize’s admissions counselling provided me was comprehensive. They explained to me what it would take for me to get admits to the universities I desired. The university shortlist was drafted on the basis of my overall profile- scores, academic profile, resume, even potential recommenders!- and my inputs as well. The highlight of the counselling process was the help they provided me with my SOP. Writing a strong SOP is absolutely essential if you’re looking to get an admit to a good university. The help they gave me with constructing exactly the kind of SOP I was looking for went a long way towards getting me my admit, I’m sure.

My admissions counsellor was crucial to the entire process- she briefed me on everything I needed to know about the application process. If I had to summarize my entire experience with Galvanize Test Prep, I would say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Sandeep Bhaskar, Bengaluru, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -sandeep

University of Cincinnati, USA

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Syracuse University, USA

DXC Technology

I strongly recommend Galvanize admissions counselling!  It exceeded my expectations- especially when it came to my SoP & LORs. The university shortlisting process went very smoothly. The entire process, I would say was very interactive- That was what I liked most about my experience.

That, and the level of personalization and care they provide at each stage of the application process. Given that I received admits to several of my target universities, I have to say, enrolling with Galvanize was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Niranjan Kadam, Chennai, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Niranjan_Kadam

University of Southern California, USA

Northeastern University, USA

University of Warwick, England

Case Western Reserve University, USA

SRM University, Kattankulathur

I received admits from five universities and have decided upon University of Southern California. I also received a 15% scholarship from Case Western Reserve University. Galvanize played a pivotal role in the process right from the beginning where I was taught by highly qualified teachers who had been abroad and thus had a greater impact because they had also experienced the same process.

Coming to the counselling services, the application journey was a smooth one under the guidance of the Galvanize team- especially Ms. Biruda. They scheduled timely telephonic conversations and told me about the actual process and how I would have to give my very best. The university shortlisting was done in a seamless manner wherein the colleges I wanted to apply to were taken into consideration and assessed. Furthermore, additional recommendations were made by Biruda and the team. The universities shortlisted were perfect for me.

The counselling team helped me draft a well thought SOP and ensured my final SOP had exactly the sort of information the universities were looking for. One important highlight of this whole process was that I received a timetable which mentioned the deadlines by which I needed the SOPs and LORs drafted. This helped me keep a timely check and also kept me on track so I wouldn’t miss my deadlines. Galvanize indeed helped me get an admit from my dream university and I would like to thank the whole team for making it possible!

Pushpika Srikanth, Chennai, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Pushpika_Srikanth

Drexel University, USA

New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

SSN College of Engineering

I enrolled with Galvanize for my GRE prep. That turned out to be a really pleasant experience so I decided to enlist their admissions counselling services as well. University shortlisting was made so much easier with Galvanize’s help. The first thing they did was understand my preferences, ask for my inputs and then they scrutinized my profile to determine which universities would be good options for me.

With regards to my SOP, they took the time to understand what I was trying to convey through my SOP and they provided me with extremely valuable feedback. This feedback was really helpful to me and if it weren’t for my personal course managers and my admissions counsellor, I doubt my SOP would’ve turned out the way it did ultimately. My admissions counsellor broke down all of the intricate details relating to the admissions process- they motivated me when I most needed it. I would definitely recommend Galvanize’s Admissions Counselling service to anybody looking for a hassle-free experience!

Priyanka Bulla, Karnataka, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Priyanka_Bulla

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Georgia State University, USA

Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

B V Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli ; B.E. Instrumentation Technology

Galvanize Test Prep did play a vital role throughout the application process for my Master’s.  The admission counselling team jotted down the best universities according to my area of interest and profile. Right from the shortlisting of universities, to the submission of University applications and the preparation of SOP’s, LORs & Resume – they helped me at every step and replied to my every query ( however silly it might have seemed! ). I sent in my application to 5 universities and got admitted into 4 of them with two of them even providing me with scholarships! So, they did indeed choose the best ones for me.

About SOP’s, LOR, I didn’t really know how to go about writing these essays. That’s where the counselling team made it easy. The team helped me give my essays the required edge and polish. The Galvanize Team, totally, helped me get an admit to my target University – Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. And to get a scholarship, was the cherry on top. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but here if I had to do this all over again. Thank you to the whole team of Galvanize Admission Counselling.

Nupur Thakur, Pune, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Avatar

Recent Admits

Arizona State University, USA

Pune Institute of Computer Technology

I wanted to pursue a PhD in Computer Engineering (Image Processing and Computer Vision) as it is aligned with my research interests. Galvanize helped me immensely with my preparation for the GRE examination which is very important to make a strong profile. The admissions counselling at Galvanize is also awesome!

The universities shortlisted for me were perfect; The shortlist was prepared based on my profile. Galvanize also made drafting an SOP and the LORs an easy process. The final draft of my SOP and LOR gave me a satisfactory feeling and these drafts played an important role in getting me through the admission process and finally, getting me an admit. Galvanize has always been available to me! Right from my GRE preparation to the shortlisting of universities to drafting my SOP and LOR, Galvanize has helped me immensely. Their guidance has been instrumental in getting me an admit!

Abhinivesh Palusa, Noida, India


Recent Admits

The University of Texas at Dallas, USA

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

SVNIT, Surat

I was not confident in my ability to draft all the documents like SoP and LORs well enough to receive admits from universities. I believed in Galvanize’s material and guidance and so I enrolled with their admission counselling services.

When it came to shortlisting universities – The team tried to understand all the factors that mattered to me while shortlisting and did provide me a list of 12 universities (apart from 6 universities of my choice). Even after, they helped me further shorten this list to 6 universities which would’ve consumed a huge amount of time if I had to do it for myself.

The support provided by the team with my SoP and LORs was the best of the entire admission counseling experience. The responses were really very quick and even my doubts were resolved within hours. The quality of suggestions provided by the team after every iteration of my SOP, LOR drafts were really helpful.

I am completely satisfied with my decision to enrol with Galvanize for both my GRE prep as well as my admission counselling and would gladly recommend it to anybody looking for assistance!

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Drexel University

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Northeastern University

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