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Highest Paying Jobs in the UK

Highest paying Jobs in UK
A Complete Guide To

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK

Chapter 1


The United Kingdom is the home of some of the world’s best universities. Over six lakh international students study in the United Kingdom every year. The students who pursue their education there are known to earn a good amount of money. Mostly in the healthcare field, the salary is higher. There are various fields and methods to earn money in the United Kingdom

Reasons to Study in the UK

There are several reasons why people prefer the UK to work. Some of the reasons are:


  • The culture in Britain is diverse as there are people from various countries. Since there is a diverse range of people the job and business opportunities are higher


  • The economy of the UK stands fifth in the world and it is a global economy. They have a liberalization of markets, lower tax rates, and control

Work Environment 

  • It has a good work environment and not much work is imposed on you until it’s very important. The UK is also the home to giant companies such as Rolls-Royce, Unilever, etc
  • The working hours in the UK are 8-9 hours and the working week is from Monday to Friday
  • Employees can take holidays for up to 30 days and this is subjective to the company they work for

Health Care 

  • The UK has an excellent healthcare system and doctors. Public health care or hospitals are free and for some emergencies.

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Fields that provide high paying jobs:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for healthcare services has risen rapidly. Hence it has become a high paying job. Other than this there are several fields which also provide a high paying salary with some of them are 

  • Technology 
  • Investment banking
  • Management consultancy
  • Social media
  • Banking
Chapter 2

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK:

Medical Practitioners

Working in the medical field is a high paying job as there is a constant need for doctors especially during this pandemic. Other than doctors there are also other jobs in the medical field. Physicians and surgeons are the highest paid in this field. Physicians diagnose the patients whereas surgeons perform surgeries.

Other than being a doctor there are other requirements in the medical field such as Anesthetist, Clinical Director, Pharmacist and much more.  To work as a doctor in the UK you need to 

  • Complete the required qualifications of study and submit these documents to the General Medical Council to obtain a medical license. GMC has a record of medical practitioners in the UK.
  • You should be approved by the National Health Service, the UK to practice medicine.
  • Since most of the medical care in the UK belongs to the public sector the doctors are paid by them and it is higher.

The average salary of a doctor is £50,445 per year

General Practitioner




Clinical Director 


Director of Nursing 






Plastic Surgeon






Medical Director 


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C-suite Jobs:

As the letter suggests, the jobs here start with the letter C. These jobs are all about managing a company, especially a senior executive. These people are responsible for managing a company, taking important decisions that pertain to the financial needs of the company, several strategies and other crucial decisions.

The jobs here are:

  • CEO – The CEO or the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for managing the all-around success of the business entity and for taking other responsible decisions such as the legal aspects of a company 

Degree: MBA

Salary: £ 387,435

  • CFO – The CFO or the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing the financial system of the company. They are responsible for the financial flow in the company and analyzing the other financial needs of the company

Degree:, ACCA

Salary: £ 1,30,219

  • CMO – The CMO or the Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for the marketing activities in a company. They are  also called the global officer or the marketing director

Degree: MBA in Marketing or Business

Salary: £ 222,373

  • CIO – The CIO or the Chief Information Officer is responsible for the strategy implemented, management of the company and is in charge of the information technology of a company

Degree: MBA in information technology management

Salary: £ 100,451

  • COO – The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for implementing the tasks and daily operations of a company, looking over the company’s goals and establishing policies. 

Degree: MBA

Salary: £ 1,15,972

Air aviation jobs:

When you think of air aviation jobs the first thing that comes to your mind can be a pilot or an air hostess. Well, there are other jobs such as the air traffic controller, ground staff and some other important jobs in the aviation industry where people are paid a high amount of salary.

  • Pilot

A pilot is a person who flies the aircraft and is responsible for flying the aircraft safely and responsibly. This is a high demand job in the United Kingdom and it requires only people with specific qualifications. This career requires an enormous investment but once you become a pilot the salary you receive will be higher. To become a pilot one can start their training at 18 years but you need to be 21 years to get your ATPL license.

  • The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)  is required to be a co-pilot. Then you should build up your flying hours to become a captain of the aircraft 
  • A period of 16-18 months of flying experience is required and a two-year part-time training of the modular route is available.
  • A minimum of class two medical certificate is required 
  • To be an international pilot you need to get a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) which will be issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • You should pass the background checks and other physical requirements to be a pilot
  • You should work for 39 to 41 hours per week 
  • A background in studying physics and mathematics is required

Pilot – £48,000

Captain – £54,000 to £75,000

  • Air traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers are responsible for the safe flying of aircraft in the air. They have information about the aircraft in the air and they guide them to when each aircraft should land and leave to make this process smooth, hassle-free. Being an Air Traffic controller is crucial work as you will be responsible not just for the control in air traffic but also for the safety of the passengers, speed and altitude of the aircraft and assisting the pilots. It requires skills of specialized knowledge.

Education required: Certification from an Aviation authority under ICAO or Majors from a four-year degree course from CTI schools or military

Salary: £97,866


Engineering is a wide field and there are high paying jobs in the United Kingdom for Aeronautical engineers, civil engineers and much more. Engineers build things and they are essential for the world to work just like other jobs. The UK also has the best engineering universities such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and others.

  • Aeronautical Engineer

These engineers are responsible for building an aircraft which can be for military or commercial purposes. They also build space crafts. They can be employed in the fields of Technology, Space, military and science.

The University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London and others are some of the best universities for studying Aeronautical engineering in the UK

Salary: £38,000 

Education: Degree in Aeronautical engineering

  • Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are the creators of buildings, bridges and various infrastructures. They specialize in different subjects of geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and others. They have a high potential to earn more. 

Imperial College London, University of Leeds, University of Cambridge and others are some of the best universities for studying Civil engineering in the UK

Salary: £45,000

Education: Degree in Civil engineering

  • Robotics Engineer

Robotics is a constantly developing field with new ideas and inventions. We need new minds in this field. These engineers can work closely with the medical field and the information technology field. They build robots for factories and other purposes. It is a high-end professional career.

The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and others are some of the best universities for studying robotics engineering in the UK

Salary: £40,000

Education: Degree in Robotics Engineering

  • Data Engineer

This engineer closely works with the Information Technology field. They take the data, analyze it, optimize it and make it easier to interpret. Good knowledge about coding is important and they also develop algorithms.

The University of Dundee is one of the best universities in the UK to study this course 

Salary: £56,418

Education: Degree in Math, Science or a Business field with knowledge of multiple coding languages

  • Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers work at the nuclear facility operations. They specialize in studying the nuclear power sources for spacecraft and ships. They also work in nuclear power stations. They work with radiation and the nuclear power

The University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, University of Dundee, Imperial college of London are some of the best universities to study Nuclear Engineering

Salary: £ 64,350

Education: Science-based degree with Nuclear Engineering on a postgraduate level

Law :

A lawyer is a job that requires a lot of hard work and some years of studying. This is a highly rewarding career. Now it’s possible to be an international lawyer in the United Kingdom.


 A good marketing strategy is essential for a company’s growth. The Chief Marketing Officer is one of the important business executives who work here. Sales Directors and Marketing heads are one of the highest paying jobs in the United Kingdom. Educational qualification of a good degree and work experience is essential for this role. There are different marketing directors in a company and some of them are:

Director of Marketing

They are responsible for all the marketing decisions of a company. This includes marketing campaigns, plans and specific strategies to earn more clients. As a director of marketing, you need to understand the development and new trends in the market and have good business management skills.

Salary: £98,700

Social media Director

This person is responsible for the social media content by the company on various social media platforms. They are required to monitor the number of posts by the company and to find what is best to provide to the customers in the everyday fluctuations of the market and the economy.

Salary: £37,000

Advertising Director

Advertising director sees the advertising operations that take place in a company.  They work closely with the Chief Marketing Officer. They can work in newspapers, agencies and in companies. A bachelor degree in advertising or mass communication or in public relations is required. You can work in internships to gain work experiences and upgrade your position.

Salary: £50,360

There are a range of career options in the United Kingdom and in every field of work there are certain jobs where you can earn higher. Typically work experience can make you earn more. But studying in the United Kingdom can earn you better jobs there because it has various excellent universities for all streams of education.

You can also apply for work in the United Kingdom while being in your home country. If selected they will pay you for your travel costs and this varies from company to company. Even in the field of education Professors earn a lot more. These are some of the best high paying jobs in the United Kingdom.

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