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Murlidhar Sharma, Mumbai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Murlidhar Sharma
GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 150 Quant- 170 Score Improvement- 15 Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology I tried the Galvanize vocabulary app on the Play Store, after which I was impressed and decided to enroll. The Galvanize apps are…
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Priyanka Dani, Vellore India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Avatar
GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 159 Quant- 164 Score Improvement- 15 VIT Vellore I had enrolled for the 3 month GRE program offered by Galvanize Test Prep. The program was well planned and suited to my needs. It ensured that…
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Ria Gupta, Gurgaon India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Ria Gupta
Galvanize offers a platform thats fully GRE prone. The content, personalized study plan, and 24*7 support from faculty makes it a perfect platform to study for Gre. I scored a 320 on 340 in just…
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Asef Ishraq Sadaf, Dhaka Bangladesh

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 157 Quant- 167 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Galvanize test prep is definitely the way to go. I scored a 324 (167 on Quant) with the help of their 45-day crash course. They…
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Sayan Chakraborty, West Bengal India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 159 Quant- 165 West Bengal State University I found Galvanize to be better than the rest of the GRE test prep programs. I've used Magoosh and given the increased competition on the GRE ,I…
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Tushar Telmasre, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Tushar Telmasre
GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 162 Quant- 162 Score Improvement- 21 IIT Kanpur Cognizant The learning material at Galvanize, I think, is one of the best of its kind. Compared to the other sources like Barrons and Manhattan that I…
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Sindhuja Balaji, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Sindhuja Balaji
Galvanize has a plethora of questions on both Verbal and Quant sections with brilliant quality. They start right from the fundamentals of any concept and encompass all the strategies and techniques, w
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Rahul MK, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Rahul MK
My preparation was very well-structured, thanks to the experts at Galvanize. GRE preparation requires not just the material and structure, but also a constant monitoring as to where the student is fac
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Simran Modi, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Simran Modi
It would have to be Galvanize, for me. I booked my GRE date as a motivation to study but found myself under-prepared as the test date approached. Galvanize crash course seemed like a good option…
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