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Prakhar Maini, USA

GRE Score- 331 Verbal- 163 Quant- 168 California, USA Galvanize on its own is a good program. Some of the features I liked most were: The Vocab Prep App is a user friendly application that…
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Ly Nguyen, USA

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Ly Nguyen
I'm Ly Nguyen and I live in the USA. I came across Galvanize Test Prep on the AppStore. I liked the app, so I decided to enroll for online GRE prep. I should say that…
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Asef Ishraq Sadaf, Dhaka Bangladesh

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 157 Quant- 167 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Galvanize test prep is definitely the way to go. I scored a 324 (167 on Quant) with the help of their 45-day crash course. They…
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Mukund Bharadwaj, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Mukund Bharadwaj
The entire structure of the course was very well planned. There was nothing that I found not clear or not confident about.I got a personalized study plan, that was created well according to my needs.T
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