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Yagnika Avancha, Hyderabad

Fall 2020

University of Central Missouri, USA

California State University – San Marcos, USA

IVY Comptech

The Admissions Counselling offered by Galvanize is awesome. Right from my GRE preparation to the shortlisting of universities to drafting my Statement of Purpose (SoP) and Letters of Recommendation (LoR), Galvanize helped me a lot.

The universities shortlisted for me were perfect. The shortlist was prepared based on my profile and they sorted the universities into 3 categories: ambitious, practical and safe which made it easier for me to decide what to apply to and what not to.

In order to secure admissions, your SoP, Resume and LoR’s need to be impact-ful and up to the mark. Galvanize made drafting an SoP and the LORs an easy process. The final draft of my SoP and LoR’s gave me a satisfactory feeling and I think, helped me secure admits

The entire Galvanize AC team was very helpful during each phase of the application process. I was assigned to Raguvir Krishna (Service Manager) and he was very patient, dedicated and provided me with valuable insights during the time. 

I can honestly say Galvanize has been really good to me!

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