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Aishwarya Magesh, India

College: Vellore Institute of Technology 
Admit to University of California – Irvine
Johns Hopkins University
Pennsylvania State University – University Park
Wageningen University & Research

I had opted for GRE coaching services with Galvanize first and then opted for their admission counselling services as well. My experience at Galvanize with respect to GRE was wonderful

The prep resources helped me quite a lot, especially for the verbal component of the examination. The essays and the questions were quite tough and this helped me prepare very well. The analytical writing material and questions were quite informative and useful as well. 

The material and questions for Quants were challenging, instructive and thorough as well. I actually enjoyed answering the Quants questions, since I really like Math! I’d also downloaded the Galvanize vocabulary app to improve my vocabulary, the latter of which is very important while attending the Verbal section of GRE. I had five mock tests available, and I received personalized feedback for all of them, which was really helpful. I really enjoyed my experience with Galvanize, with respect to GRE prep, in terms of the user interface, feedback, resources, material and so on. Everything was well thought-out and smooth.

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