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Akshara Prasad, Calicut India

GRE Score- 326 Verbal- 156 Quant- 170

National Institute of Technology, Calicut

I took my GRE general test on 14th of August 2019. I just received my scorecard few days ago and I scored 326/340 in total, and 170/170 in quants and 156/170 in verbal. And a 5.5/6 in AWA i.e. the essays.

Before studying for the test, I considered several online coaching classes such as GRE Edge, Magoosh and Galvanize. While Magoosh did have several solved questions and detailed solutions, I did not find it that useful since I would not be in contact with anybody from Magoosh and any problem I face will take a lot of time to be resolved. GRE Edge just wasn’t as appealing.

After carefully going through the details of the course offered by Galvanize, I decided to give it a chance.

I took a 45-days GRE prep course and the first thing I liked about Galvanize was how neatly my study plan was made. There were tasks from Verbal, Quants and AWA that were laid out categorically and a recommended day to complete it. In the diagnostic test that I took, the solutions to each question was explained neatly and informative statistics were given about my overall performance which helped me analyse my strong and weak areas.

The study plan did not start me off with the difficult tasks. This helped me get adjusted to the course. The tasks’ difficulty increased gradually and I faced no problem keeping up with the expected pace. In case I lagged behind my schedule by a few days, my course manager would remind me to keep up with the study plan. This helped with the procrastination bit.

I was also asked to take 5 mock tests, dispersed across my study plan. After each test, I got a personalised email noting my strong and weak areas and where I fell short. On top of all this, my course manager would keep track of my progress, my score in each test and would guide me to study better. My essays were also graded and I received important personalised tips that helped me improve my essay writing from a 3/6 in first mock test to a 5.5/6 in the actual GRE test.

At the end I scored 170/170 in Quants which was expected and 156/170 in verbal which was somewhere around the expected score. I was amazed to know that I scored 5.5/6 in AWA. The Galvanize team congratulated me at the end and assured that they would assist me if I require their help later on, which was endearing.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Galvanize for GRE preparation.

All the best for your exams. 🙂

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