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Jennifer Carvalho, Florida, USA

GRE Score- 313

I personally used Galvanize’s 45 crash courses as I only had 2 months to study before taking the exam. For my Verbal prep, I relied on Galvanize and the Official Verbal Reasoning Practice Qs from ETS. The Galvanize vocab app is fantastic. It provides pictures that help your retention. The program has several timed sections and mock tests. Unlike the Powerprep and Manhattan mock tests, they include an additional Quant/Verbal section in order to mimic the experimental section seen on the GRE. In the last couple of weeks, I took as many mock tests as possible. Galvanize also provides feedback after you complete each test so you can note your weaknesses. They even score your AWA in each mock test! Good luck to everyone taking the GRE!

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