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Jiffy George, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 301 Verbal- 146 Quant- 155

Score Improvement- 16

Lingaya’s University

Uniparts India Ltd.

Using Galvanize for my GRE test prep was a wonderful and innovative learning experience. This helped me in the most important aspects required for tackling the GRE.All key concepts are brushed up, doubts are clarified, and most importantly, the whole team supported when the exam pressure started building up.Getting to learn while being at home, and sitting in my comfort zone helped me save a lot of travelling time, which helped increase my study time :-)The best part was the video recordings of each class which helped me go through them as many times as I needed, and of course, the fast doubt-clearance system.Thank you, Team Galvanize, for the support and facility provided… I hope many more GRE aspirants will benefit through your system.

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