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Justine ayroor, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 307 Verbal- 150 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 18

Don Bosco Institute of Technology

Galvanize test prep, according to me, is the best GRE online program out there and will prove very effective for people struggling with both Quant and Verbal. Here are a few of my favourite things about Galvanize:It’s affordable without compromising on quality. The Verbal,Quant and AWA material provided is top-notch.Personal trainers are allotted to each student to clear their doubts about anything GRE-related. The trainers are very responsive and will help you the entire way!The Galvanize portal includes many videos and documents to help you build your confidence. As you practice, understand the concepts you’re studying with the materials provided and attempt practice tests, the software will measure your readiness level for the GRE.Along with the practice tests, Galvanize offers their students 5 free mock tests! A detailed analysis of the mistakes you make while solving the paper, tricks to avoid such mistakes and time management techniques are provided which proved very useful when I finally attempted the GRE.Considering the points mentioned above, I would conclude that Galvanize test prep is the best online-GRE program available.

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