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Karthik Sriram, Chennai, India

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New York University, USA

Northeastern University, USA

Temple University, USA

SRM University, Vadapalani

The support Galvanize’s admissions counselling provided me was comprehensive. They explained to me what it would take for me to get admits to the universities I desired. The university shortlist was drafted on the basis of my overall profile- scores, academic profile, resume, even potential recommenders!- and my inputs as well. The highlight of the counselling process was the help they provided me with my SOP. Writing a strong SOP is absolutely essential if you’re looking to get an admit to a good university. The help they gave me with constructing exactly the kind of SOP I was looking for went a long way towards getting me my admit, I’m sure.

My admissions counsellor was crucial to the entire process- she briefed me on everything I needed to know about the application process. If I had to summarize my entire experience with Galvanize Test Prep, I would say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

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