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Kavin Malar, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Kavinmalar

GRE Score- 309 Verbal- 152 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 14

Anna University

Galvanize GRE prep provided for all my needs at a reasonable price. The study material was good, starting every topic from the basics and giving tips then and there about the actual GRE.I had literally forgotten the basics of many topics in mathematics and the Galvanize study material brushed up every topic in a way that I could understand them easily.I didn’t feel like I was taking an online course because it was so simplified that I felt as if there was a tutor near me, teaching me. Verbal word lists were designed like a game and was fun to learn.After each test, the data analytics report showed how well I’d done and what I needed to improve on. It also kept track of my progress, showing me how much I had to study more to realize my goal. The Study plan provided by the Course Manager was really helpful. It was spread properly based on the time I had and helped me get the confidence that I could do well if I stuck to the study plan.

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