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Marcy MHA,Paris

Marcy MHA | Galvanize testimonial

Product Enrolled: GRE Crash Course-45

GRE Score : 316 

I am very grateful to the entire Galvanize team for their assistance during my preparation for the GRE. I was drawn to their site while looking for applications that would allow me to improve my vocabulary and practice exercises from my smartphone. Subsequently, I received emails offering access to free webinars in Quant and Verbal. A bit skeptical at first, I was quickly won over by the quality of the teaching during these sessions. I was learning a lot of tips to improve my performance. At the end of the free sessions and considering the little time I had to prepare for my GRE (2 months), I took the plunge and subscribed to the Crash Course.

In 45 days, I was able to brush up on a lot of math and linguistic concepts that I hadn’t seen since my high school days (almost 20 years ago). I especially appreciated the videos, the application exercises and the sample exams that helped me to evaluate myself in real conditions. All of this allowed me to get a decent score, which could have been higher if I had had more preparation time.

Thanks again to Galvanize! I wish many other candidates to benefit from their precious help.

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