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Mayank Jha, India

I enrolled with Galvanize to improve upon my GRE score. 

I took the GRE preparation service offered by Galvanise, which helped me boost my GRE Score and secure excellent admits. 

The mentors are really knowledgeable and they know the nature of the exam really well. They guided me according to my weaknesses and helped me  improve. The syllabus and the questions involved in the mocks were more difficult than the actual GRE questions, which eventually honed my skill in solving difficult problems in a time-constrained environment.

To all fellow aspirants I urge you to get done with GRE and TOEFL as early as possible so that you will get enough time to craft a winning SOP and procure your LORs. 

I still remember when I was really struggling with Verbal during my GRE Preparation. I was confused, and filled with doubts, but got them clarified promptly by mentors from Galvanise. Infact, my mentors used to arrange calls with GRE Verbal experts who gave me personalized guidance and tips to attempt the GRE verbal section. Eventually all of these practices and efforts helped me achieve my desired score. 

My family is extremely happy because I got into one of my dream universities!

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