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Nupur Thakur, Pune, India

Recent Admits

Arizona State University, USA

Pune Institute of Computer Technology

I wanted to pursue a PhD in Computer Engineering (Image Processing and Computer Vision) as it is aligned with my research interests. Galvanize helped me immensely with my preparation for the GRE examination which is very important to make a strong profile. The admissions counselling at Galvanize is also awesome!

The universities shortlisted for me were perfect; The shortlist was prepared based on my profile. Galvanize also made drafting an SOP and the LORs an easy process. The final draft of my SOP and LOR gave me a satisfactory feeling and these drafts played an important role in getting me through the admission process and finally, getting me an admit. Galvanize has always been available to me! Right from my GRE preparation to the shortlisting of universities to drafting my SOP and LOR, Galvanize has helped me immensely. Their guidance has been instrumental in getting me an admit!

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