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Paras Gulati, New Delhi India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Paras Gulati

GRE Score- 321 Verbal- 156 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 19

USICT, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


I gave my GRE without coaching for the first time and scored a total of 307. Not a good score, I know, but I was hugely disappointed because I had tried a lot of questions in Verbal, particularly RC, and almost all the RCs in Manhattan 5 Lb, but that was not helping and the results were bad. Then I downloaded some apps on the phone to practice on the phone as well. One such app was the Galvanize GRE app. They offered me an online course that would best suit my job with flexibility to practice. Moreover, I had 5 full-length GRE mock tests at hand to practice. These tests were analyzed by the Verbal and Quant experts to give a detailed feedback where I was lagging and where I was strong. They also prepared a full study plan for Verbal and Quant till the last day of my preparation. This study plan was particularly important as it helped me keep up with the pace, and kept me going even when it got boring or frustrating at times. The lectures and practice tests, segregated by topics, both in verbal and quant, really helped in understanding the concept, and the tips and tricks provided helped to solve questions faster. As a result, when I took the GRE the second time after a month, I scored 321 (165+156).

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