Pushpika Srikanth, Chennai, India

Recent Admits

Drexel University

New Jersey Institute of Technology

SSN College of Engineering

I enrolled with Galvanize for my GRE prep. That turned out to be a really pleasant experience so I decided to enlist their admissions counselling services as well. University shortlisting was made so much easier with Galvanize’s help. The first thing they did was understand my preferences, ask for my inputs and then they scrutinized my profile to determine which universities would be good options for me.

With regards to my SOP, they took the time to understand what I was trying to convey through my SOP and they provided me with extremely valuable feedback. This feedback was really helpful to me and if it weren’t for my personal course managers and my admissions counsellor, I doubt my SOP would’ve turned out the way it did ultimately. My admissions counsellor broke down all of the intricate details relating to the admissions process- they motivated me when I most needed it. I would definitely recommend Galvanize’s Admissions Counselling service to anybody looking for a hassle-free experience!

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