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Sharanya Srini, Chennai India

GRE Score- 306 Verbal- 152 Quant- 154

Score Improvement- 29

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

The teaching method incorporated for Verbal is excellent, so, I never found it difficult. I must say, the verbal and quantitative trainers are very quick in answering any queries. The home page of galvanize itself is pretty good as it shows your percentile and readiness level for the GRE. The portal has enough practice tests that one doesn’t have to look for any other source.The feedback report that comes after every mock test is very precise that they even mention the question numbers and tell you what kind of mistake you have made and what steps you need to take to correct them.My course managers were doing a wonderful follow-up of my schedule. They are really quick in solving any kind of issues and are very amiable.

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