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Trishala, India

College: CMR Institute of Technology 
Admits from UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, NYU, Northwestern University, Drexel University, University of Maryland Global Campus

I was not aware of the process of applying to a university abroad. Since I was working, it was taking up too much of my time to search for and shortlist universities. I had spent a month and shortlisted only 2 universities before I enrolled with Galvanize.

Overall it was not the best of lists but I had a call with Aarthi where I explained my major and also that I wanted to pursue the MS program online. Then, I received a list of 12 universities which had a mix of different majors- Computer Science, CyberSecurity, Cyber Technology. All these courses were in-person rather than online programs. Then I spoke to Aarthi again and she prepared a new list of around 8 universities with online programs but it didn’t have any of the universities I had personally shortlisted so I asked Aarthi to add UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech to the list as well. After that I did my research and shortlisted my choice of 6 universities.

I liked the overall process of drafting my SOP. The questions asked demanded complete details of college and work. Even after finalizing my SOP it went through another round. Then the SOP was fine tuned and looked excellent after that. 

There was a lot of support provided when I had any questions. If Aarthi didn’t know something, she would find out and tell me, which was helpful. Overall, I would say it could have been better but this was good enough. 

I liked it a lot. I was totally new to studying abroad and the details involved in the process. I asked my friends who are studying there but nobody was able to give me answers to all the questions I had, but Galvanize did. I didn’t know how an SOP should be and they helped me prepare an amazing SOP describing myself. They also helped me make my resume, including everything about myself in 3 pages in a very professional way.

Overall Experience was good. GRE and TOEFL preparation was great. Quants tests and questions were very helpful. I had already prepared one round of Quant before enrolling into Galvanize. Galvanize provided me with the edge needed for the exam which helped me get a 160. 

In the mock tests, AWA is also there but it is never reviewed by anyone. Even the Verbal topic wise tests are never reviewed. The Resume and SOP process was the best part of the whole process. The University shortlisting was not up to my expectations. I requested to check into universities from US and Canada in the google form sent but the admission counsellor insisted on selecting one country. My major was selected, mode of study was selected and plus I also had work experience. I figured it would be really easy for her to shortlist some top universities for me. A lot of time was wasted on that which could have been saved. 

Anyways, my end outcome was really good since I got into all the 6 universities I applied to. I got rejected for cybersecurity for 1 university but was offered MS Computer Science instead. 

I am happy that my resume and SOP were prepared in a way that helped me get admits into all universities I chose.

I would say that instead of concentrating 50-50 on both Quant and Verbal, pick one which you are better at and make sure you are prepared to get 170. Then even if you get 150+ or 155+ in the other, the overall combined score will be 320+ and is really good to get you into your choice of colleges. For shortlisting do your own research as well, do not rely completely on the shortlisting process as your resume might have something greater which might help you get into a better college. 

Galvanize will help you curate the perfect resume and SOP which will describe you in the best way possible. 

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