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Varsha.R , Bangalore

Received Admits from : UT Dallas, University of Houston college station,Texas tech , Illinois Institute of technology.

MS in Computer and system engineering (ECE)

The support from the Galvanize Admission Counselors was amazing. They are well organised and they always kept track of my progress and told me the tasks to be done.

I had their  support in everything and they were very informative and resolved all my queries.

The inputs for LOR’s were easy to give because I had to just fill in  the document that they provided,which had all the necessary questions that had to be filled in ,through which they generate a LOR.I liked the idea because it makes one’s task easier and it is less time consuming.I was happy with the way the editors worked on it. I was handed over the final, precise LOR. 

Coming to Resumé, the editors are very much aware about the format ,and I just had to give the inputs and my Resume was shaped accordingly.

 Unlike other consultancies, Galvanize work on your SOP,LOR’S personally,which is great. Though it is an online consultancy, you’ll never feel that you are off the track or lost because the team is always there to eye on your progress.I would definitely recommend Galvanize over other consultancies .

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