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TOEFL Exam Guide | Validity, exam format, pattern, dates, cost/fees, score guide, full form, exam centers and registration

TOEFL Test Syllabus and Fees, Dates, Eligibility, Registration and Other Details

Do you feel nervous when you think about taking the TOEFL exam? Well – take some comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone in feeling so! The thing to keep in mind is that the first step towards an excellent TOEFL score is knowing what the TOEFL is all about right from why/who needs TOEFL, how to prepare for it, the TOEFL exam pattern, different sections of the TOEFL, to exam dates, fees, and test centers!

You might be having a lot of questions like:

  • What is considered a good TOEFL score? 
  • Is TOEFL easier than IELTS?
  • How much does TOEFL cost?
  • How long is the test and how long are the scores valid for?
  • How many times can I take the TOEFL?
  • How tough is TOEFL? Is it crackable? (Yes, it is!)

And so many more questions! We’ll answer all that here in detail. Here’s your Ultimate TOEFL guide. Let’s get to it.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1

What is the TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL Full Form:

The full form of ‘TOEFL’ is – ‘The Test of English as a Foreign Language’, and it is a test conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). That’s right, the same people who conduct the GRE every year.

The TOEFL exam is conducted in two versions: Internet-based test (iBT) and Paper-based test (PBT). The TOEFL iBT was introduced in 2005 and is considered an upgraded version of TOEFL CBT (computer-based Test). Even though scoring on each section for both versions (iBT and PBT) is distinct, both versions have the same exam pattern. Of the two, 97% of students prefer to take the TOEFL iBT. Given the pandemic, most students have deemed it safer to take the TOEFL online in the interest of their safety. ETS has provided this option as well.

Difference between TOEFL PBT and TOEFL IBT:




Full Form

Paper Based Test

Internet Based Test

Exam Duration

4 hours

1 hour 56 minutes


Locations where the iBT® is not available


Frequency of conducting

4 times a year

Over 50 times a year

Exam Fee


Location-specific payment in the local currency 

In India its INR 16900

Score range

310 to 677


Exam Pattern

Reading, Writing, Listening and Structure

Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

These sorts of questions naturally arise when students are looking to study abroad and get their certificates and scores of English Proficiency for the purpose of studying abroad. It is vital to establish your proficiency in the English language so that the university is assured of your ability to keep up with the coursework and your level of interpersonal communication. Knowing the language well (or not knowing it) isn’t necessarily a benchmark of your intelligence or ability. However, it is a necessary step, as the countries we frequently turn to for studying abroad, are primarily English-speaking countries. 

The USA leans a lot towards the TOEFL for the purposes above and will serve as the aforementioned test of English Proficiency. TOEFL scores are needed by students in order to apply for colleges and universities in the USA and Canada.  

Who can take the TOEFL Exam?

We know that a lot of universities ask for the TOEFL Score as a part of their admissions process, but where else are these scores used? Here’s a look: 

  • Students planning to pursue an academic course in an English-speaking country
  • Working professionals applying for a visa to move abroad
  • Students applying for scholarships and other certifications 
  • Those learning the English language can also take the TOEFL Exam to measure their progress 
  • Certain jobs ask for a TOEFL Score when screening candidates

There are universities and businesses in other English-speaking countries, like the UK or Australia, France, Germany, and so on who do accept a TOEFL score for various other purposes.

TOEFL Eligibility:

From the passages above, it is clear now that the TOEFL exam is taken by those who want to study abroad or work abroad. With regards to ‘TOEFL eligibility’, the good news is there is no eligibility criteria so to speak. Anybody could technically write the TOEFL exam.

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Interestingly enough, there is no age limit to taking the TOEFL test! But in order to attempt the exam, you need to carry a valid passport as proof of identity at the time of the exam.

Even though there is no limitation to taking the TOEFL exam, if you plan to pursue your higher education at any university/college abroad, you do need to check the eligibility criteria set by the university.

TOEFL Registration:

You can register for the TOEFL exam at any time of the day and on any day of the week. You need to pay close attention while you are entering your details. ETS specifically mentions that the name with which you register for the TOEFL exam should be an exact match with the identification that you bring to the exam center.

TOEFL registration closes 7 days before the test date but you can still register for the exam with a late fee of $40 up until 4 days before the exam.

  • The first step to registering for the TOEFL exam is creating an account by visiting the “TOEFL login” page.
  • Enter your personal information, address, and other important information regarding your country, language, and Background (like your field of interest, current education, and countries you wish to study, work or settle)
  • Log in with the username and password you created and click on “Register/Find TOEFL Test Centers, Dates”.
  • Enter your location and select the 2-month period in which you’d like to take the exam. You can also search through a restricted reservation code provided by the institution if applicable.
  • Once you select the date you’ll be provided with the address of the test centers using which you can register immediately by providing proof of ID (Passport) and making the payment.
  • You can also select four universities to which you want to send your TOEFL scores. You do have the option to add more universities with an additional payment of $20 USD for each university.

TOEFL Exam Overview:

TOEFL Full Form

Test of English as a Foreign Language

Conducted By

Education Testing Services (ETS)

Well-known as

English Proficiency Test

TOEFL Exam Fee

INR 16,900(Payment can be done in local currency)


No specific Eligibility Criteria

TOEFL Score Validity

2 Years

Official website

TOEFL Exam Pattern

Click Here

TOEFL Exam Update: ( TOEFL Sections, Questions, Format, Test Length)

The ETS TOEFL exam received a few updates on August 1, 2019. These updates included changes in the TOEFL exam duration and in the number of questions in each section. Over the following 2 years, almost all TOEFL takers benefitted from these aforementioned changes. So, what were these changes? 

For starters, the TOEFL exam duration was shortened by 30 minutes. The duration of test became 3 hours long with no changes in question types and format. However, the number of questions in the reading, speaking, and listening sections was reduced to lower the time.

Here is a quick comparison between the old version and the updated version of the TOEFL exam.


Old Version

Version 1 (till July 24, 2023)

New Revised Version(wef Jul 26, 2023)


3-4 passages

12-14 questions/passage

60-80 minutes

3-4 passages

10 questions/passage

54-72 minutes

2 passages

10 questions/passage

35 minutes


4-6 Lectures, 6 Questions/lecture

2-3 Conversations, 5 Questions each

60-90 minutes

3-4 Lectures, 6 Questions/lecture

2-3 Conversations, 5 Questions each

41-57 minutes

2-3 Lectures, 6 questions/lecture,1-2 conversations, 5 questions each

36 minutes


6 Tasks

20 minutes

4 Tasks

17 minutes

4 Tasks

16 minutes


2 Tasks

50 minutes

No change

2 Tasks

29 minutes

1 Integrated Writing, 1 Writing for an Academic Discussion

How long should I Prepare for TOEFL?

The ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’ is one of the prerequisites for applying to any college or university in the USA or Canada. Essentially, anyone who wants to work or study abroad needs to prove their command over the English language by writing either the TOEFL or IELTS. 

It doesn’t matter all that much whether you’re a student, a working professional, or an English language learner. Cracking the TOEFL is fairly straightforward! : )

The Internet version of the exam (around 97% of TOEFL takers choose the Internet version due to convenience) is around 3 hours long. It tests your Reading, Listening, and Speaking abilities, along with your writing skills. You can take the exam around 50 times a year. Universities do not fret about your TOEFL retakes (if any) and only require you to submit your highest TOEFL score to evaluate whether you meet their admission criteria. So that’s definitely some good news, right? Your scores will be valid for 2 years as well. 

Without further ado, let us briefly jump into what the exam tests are. It is better to know and understand what you need to prepare before worrying about how long preparation will take. 

Here’s a useful table from us that decodes the TOEFL Pattern concisely.


Question Types

Time Limit

No. of Questions

Score Range


2 passages from academic texts (about 700 words); 10 questions per passage

35 minutes

10 questions /passage

0 – 30


2-3 Lectures 

36 minutes

 6 questions /lecture,1-2 conversations, 5 questions

0 – 30


4 Tasks

16 minutes

4 tasks

0 – 30 


1 integrated task (writing based on reading and listening); 1Writing based on Academic discussions 

29 minutes

2 tasks

0 – 30 

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the exam pattern, let us kickstart your TOEFL preparation!

  1. Read – The best way to improve your command of the English Language is by reading. It helps build your grammatical intuition and builds your reading stamina. As George Martin once said, “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” 

So go on and read for the heck of it! Read articles from online magazines and publications. Read novels and newspapers. Just read! This will also build your vocabulary.

  1. Learning the TOEFL Test Format – If you’ve been paying attention so far, you’d already know that the Exam Pattern is right above this section 
  2. Picking the right TOEFL Preparation Class – The right study material, professional guidance and medium of teaching can save you 15 days’ worth of time w.r.t your TOEFL Preparation. Check out this practice test and see for yourself!
  3. Practice and take practice tests – The more you practice and familiarize yourself with the exam and its sections, the better you’ll know what to expect. Your scores will rise at a commensurate rate with quality practice. : ) You will also get used to typing online, which is not only useful for TOEFL but for IELTS and GRE as well. 

In conclusion, one needs to keep all of the points mentioned above in mind and realize that the time it will take to prepare for TOEFL adequately is subjective, to say the least. You might take a month, or you might take just 10 days. It depends on where your love affair with the English Language began. If it hasn’t…start TODAY!

Which exam should you take? IELTS or TOEFL?

Firstly, let us get one thing out of the way. You have decided to write either of these exams as a requirement for getting into a school or university abroad or to immigrate and work in a particular country abroad. Having established this, we suggest you narrow down a few probable options in terms of universities. Which is your dream university or country? What do they prefer – IELTS or TOEFL? Identify this first and look into their requirements. In the end, that is what will matter after all. 

On the other hand, if you haven’t narrowed down any possible university options, and are looking to hit them with your best shot in order to try your hand at all possible universities, then the following will be applicable for you! 

Who accepts TOEFL scores? 

Universities in the USA have preferred the TOEFL over IELTS for a long time, and if you are looking to study or immigrate to the USA, TOEFL is the better option. There are some universities that do accept IELTS scores as well, so definitely do your research beforehand. Around 9000 institutions in the world accept TOEFL scores, so do keep that in mind. 

What about IELTS? 

Similar to the TOEFL, even IELTS scores are accepted at around 9000 institutions in the world. The difference is that IELTS is preferred for programs in the UK and Commonwealth Nations such as Australia. European Universities also prefer IELTS scores. 

So, there we have it. Your choice purely depends on where you wish to study or immigrate. Let us briefly look at the differences between these two counterparts. 

Key Differences:

  1. Internet vs Paper Version: The TOEFL is primarily taken via the Internet whereas the IELTS offers both the Paper and Interne Version. If you’re someone who prefers writing physically in comparison to typing, then choose the right version for you. 
  2. Multiple choice vs Type in the Answer Questions: The TOEFL is heavily MCQ-oriented, whereas the IELTS prefers the candidate to write short answers to the questions provided to them. The IELTS is more concerned with your thinking abilities.
  3. The Speaking Section: The TOEFL requires you to answer the provided questions or prompts in a recorded format, where there is no human presence apart from you. The IELTS on the other hand, has an actual human on the other side, listening to your conversation. Now, if you’re someone who prefers interacting with another person and find the conversation more stimulating this way, then the IELTS may just take the cake for you but if you find this intimidating, the TOEFL may resonate with you better. It depends on how you communicate and think. 
  4. Reading Section: It is said that the IELTS uses myriad texts from sources such as academic readings, magazines, and online publications whereas the TOEFL makes use of academic texts only. The TOEFL may prove to be more challenging in this regard. 

TL;DR: To sum it up, choose the exam that best suits your goals and needs, and that of the country or university you want to study or work in.

Chapter 2

Who accepts TOEFL scores?

There are 10,000+ colleges, agencies, and other institutions, and over 150 countries that accept TOEFL scores as of today and every year, over 50 computer-based tests are being administered via the Internet all over the globe.

Apart from universities, other organizations accept the TOEFL Score for different purposes.

As per ETS,

  • Immigration departments use them to issue residential and work visas.
  • Medical and licensing agencies use them for professional certification purposes.
  • Individuals use them to measure their progress in learning English.

Even though the TOEFL Exam score is used for many purposes, it is mainly used by universities in English-speaking countries as a part of their admission process.

So, let’s see where these TOEFL Scores are accepted across the world.

  • United States of America – Approximately 9 out of every 10 universities in the USA accept TOEFL scores and it is the most widely taken English-language test in the country.
  • Canada – Over 75% of Canadian Universities accept the TOEFL Scores
  • United Kingdom – More than 95% of Universities in the United Kingdom accept these scores
  • Germany – The TOEFL Exam is preferred over any other English-language test
  • New Zealand and Australia – All universities in Australia and New Zealand consider a TOEFL Exam score a reliable metric in their admission process
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How to view your TOEFL results?

The TOEFL exam underwent a few upgrades on July 26, 2023. ETS has now included a section called “My Best Scores” which will give you the best individual scores of the writing, listening, speaking, and reading sections from all attempts in the last 2 years.

Also, you can view your score release date on the screen as soon as you submit your test.

So how do you check your score?

There is an advantage to taking the TOEFL exam in this regard. You can see the score release date on the screen as soon as you submit your test. 

You can log in to your ETS account and check your results by clicking on “view scores”. You can also download your PDF score report.

How to send your TOEFL scores?

You can choose to send your TOEFL scores to 4 institutions before taking the test i.e., while registering for the test. The exam fee that you will be required to pay during registration is inclusive of these 4 TOEFL destinations.

Additionally, you can also send your TOEFL scores to more than the aforementioned 4 destinations at any time, with a fee of US$20 per report per destination. After approximately 13 days, your score reports will be sent to the destinations you have chosen. 

TOEFL to IELTS Score Comparison:

As per ETS, most of the test scores in the range of 46 to 109 on TOEFL iBT and 5.5 to 7.5 on IELTS exam.

Below is the ETS report for detailed score comparison on IELTS and TOEFL.

118‐120 9
115‐117 8.5
110‐114 8
102‐109 7.5
94‐101 7
79‐93 6.5
60‐78 6
46‐59 5.5
35‐45 5
32‐34 4.5
0‐31 0-4

Chapter 3

How many times is the TOEFL iBT test conducted in a year?

The TOEFL online test is conducted over 50 times a year at authorized test centers. One can retake the exam any number of times. But you cannot attempt the exam within 12 days of the previous attempt. It is administered in over 165 countries every year and there are over 4500 authorised TOEFL test centers.

So it is a very frequently conducted exam.

TOEFL Dates:

Follow the steps to find the available TOEFL dates and test centers without logging into your TOEFL account.

  • Click on the ETS website that takes you to the “TOEFL iBT® Test Centers and Dates” page.
  • Click on the link “see a list of testing locations, dates, and fees”.
  • Enter the location where you want to take the TOEFL exam and find the test dates within a 2-month period.
  • You will see a new screen with dates in the selected duration.
  • Select the required TOEFL date and click on “Show test times and Register”.
  • You can register directly from here by creating a profile and filling in the required information.

TOEFL fact – More than 35 million test takers have taken this exam since it was launched.

Also, remember:

You have to pay the cost of the TOEFL Exam every time you attempt the test, and since it is a 4-hour exam, It can be draining both mentally and financially, so make your decision accordingly.

Chapter 4

What is the TOEFL Exam Fee/ Exam Cost?

Depending on the country the test costs anywhere around $160 – $300 per attempt for the TOEFL iBT. For example, the TOEFL exam fee in India is 16,900 INR whereas in the United States, the exam cost is $225.

Country-Wise TOEFL Exam Fee:



United States



16,900 INR











The exam fee for ETS TOEFL Paper Based Test (PBT) is $180.

  • If you register online, the ETS TOEFL registration closes 7 days before the test date. You need to pay additional charges of $40 if you want to register after the closing date.
  • If you want to reschedule the exam, a fee of $60 has to be paid before registering for the new ETS TOEFL exam date.

TOEFL iBT® Test Fees:

Type Fees
TOEFL iBT $160 - $300
Rescheduling $60
Late registration $40
Reinstatement of canceled scores $20
Additional Score Reports (per agency) $20 each
Speaking/Writing Section Score Review $80
Both Speaking and Writing Section Score Review $160

Chapter 5

What is the TOEFL score validity?

Unlike the GRE which is conducted by the very same ETS, TOEFL scores are not valid for 5 years. Your TOEFL score is valid for 2 years from the test date. So whenever you’ve taken the exam, your scores are valid for up to two years from that date.

For example:

If you took the TOEFL test on June 20th, 2023, your TOEFL score is valid until June 20th, 2025. Remember you can only apply to universities within this time.

The reason behind this short TOEFL score validity is for universities to be able to be sure that you have the ability to thrive in an English-speaking country at the time of application.

A TOEFL exam score older than 2 years, no matter how good, is sadly not valid. You will need to retake the test.

In fact, after two years, you won’t be able to access your score. So plan in advance and choose an appropriate TOEFL exam date so as to be able to use the TOEFL exam score as desired.

Chapter 6

What is the TOEFL Exam pattern/TOEFL section?

Let’s take a look at the TOEFL syllabus now. We’re going to look at the different sections on the TOEFL exam, how much time each section takes, how many questions you can expect, the tasks you will have to do in each of those sections, and finally we will also look at what these sections are trying to test.

TOEFL Exam Pattern:


Question Types

Time Limit

No. of Questions

Score Range


2 passages from academic texts (about 700 words); 10 questions per passage

35 minutes

10 questions /passage

0 – 30


2-3 Lectures 

36 minutes

 6 questions/lecture,1-2 conversations, 5 questions

0 – 30


4 Tasks

16 minutes

4 tasks

0 – 30 


1 integrated task (writing based on reading and listening); 1Writing based on Academic discussions 

29 minutes

2 tasks

0 – 30

TOEFL Reading Section:

This is the first section you will encounter on the ETS TOEFL. The Reading Section is one of the longest sections of the exam. The TOEFL is around 1 hour and 56 minutes long. There are usually around 2 passages in the section, with 10 questions per passage. The duration of the reading section can range from anywhere between 35 minutes. 

The reason this is not a fixed number is sometimes they’re testing new material, and they will throw out one more extra passage at you that will form those extra questions, and you will not be told whether that will form a part of your score or not. So you should just come prepared to attempt that many TOEFL reading passage questions.

What does the TOEFL Reading Section test?

You will be expected to read two passages at most and all of these passages will be from academic texts. Then you will have to answer questions based on those texts. So the whole point of the reading section is that it tests whether you have the ability to understand academic reading material that has been written in English.

After all, this is something you’re going to have to do if you’re going to the US or another English-speaking country for academic purposes.

TOEFL Listening Section:

The TOEFL listening section time is 36 minutes. There are usually 2-3 lectures tested, with about 6 questions tested per lecture. Apart from this, you will also be tested through 1-2 conversations, with about 5 questions each.

This section of the TOEFL exam entails, listening to lectures, classroom discussions, and conversations and then you will have to answer a set of questions on each of these that you listen to. And, of course, this section tests whether you have the ability to understand spoken English as it is used in colleges and universities.

So again, a largely academic context over here, a skill you will absolutely require if you’re going to do anything academic in any other country – in which English is the primary mode of communication.

So there you have two long sections, and that would cover the meat of your TOEFL exam. You will have NO BREAKS between sections. It is a continuous test.

TOEFL Speaking Section:

The third section that you will encounter in the TOEFL test is the Speaking section. It is about 16 minutes long and you will be expected to do 4 tasks. At this stage, you will be asked to express an opinion on a familiar topic or speak based on reading and listening tasks given to you.

You will be given a microphone into which you will have to speak. You will not be speaking to a person. You do have to kind of practice and get used to speaking into a microphone if you’re not used to that.

You will not have any interaction as such – you will be given a prompt and you will have to respond to that on your own.

What does the TOEFL Speaking Section test?

These are the kinds of tasks you will get: simply expressing your opinion, speaking based on a passage that you read, or based on a conversation or lecture that you listened to.

Those are your tasks and basically, this section in TOEFL iBT tests whether you can speak in English in an academic setting. All of this is preparing you to communicate in the academic setting that you are planning to go to.

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TOEFL Writing Section:

Finally, we have the writing section in TOEFL iBT, which is about twenty nine minutes long. You have two tasks. That’s right, just two tasks in the writing section. You will have to write essay responses based on the premise that you are given.

One of those tasks will involve reading and listening as well. You’ll have to read a passage, listen to a lecture, and write a response that has to do with what you read and what you listened to.

The second task will involve supporting an opinion in writing, so it will be mostly your personal opinion. You will have to elaborate and really show that you can write something substantial and cohesive on your own for the second task.

What does the TOEFL Writing Section test?

This section tests whether you have the ability to write in English in a way that’s appropriate for college and university coursework. Once again, this is testing you on a skill that you absolutely will need if you were to go to an academic environment in an English-speaking country.

So as you can see, all four of these sections really test very important skills. And it is, in every possible sense, a basic test of your English proficiency.

Chapter 7

TOEFL Sample Papers/ TOEFL Practice Test

Taking the TOEFL practice test is an extremely important part of TOEFL exam preparation and we highly recommend you start practicing. Why wait? Start now!

Take your free TOEFL Practice Test Now

Chapter 8

TOEFL coaching

Of course, a person can prepare for TOEFL on their own if they are capable. But often times we need someone to at least mentor us on our study material and review our progress and help us through the journey we would recommend you to take a look at the TOEFL coaching courses we have which can be highly beneficial for your learning process
TOEFL Coaching

FAQs (Frequently Aske Questions)

What is the full form of TOEFL? 

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language

What are the eligibility criteria for taking TOEFL? 

  • Anyone with a passport (Identity Proof) can take it. No limitations or eligibility factors

How many times is TOEFL conducted in a year? And how often can I take it? 

  • It’s conducted over 50 times a year and you can retake them with a 12-day gap

How much does TOEFL cost? 

  • 16,900 INR for Indian Test Takers

What is the TOEFL exam score validity? 

  • Your TOEFL score is valid for 2 years

Which is the best online TOEFL exam practice test?

  • TOEFL practice tests are very important in being able to analyze our strengths and weaknesses and plan and strategize better for the TOEFL exam. Here’s the best TOEFL practice test available online!

How do I check my TOEFL score? 

  • You’ll generally receive an email about it 10 days after the date of the exam.

What is the TOEFL test format?

  • TOEFL has 4 sections: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking


So lets Wrap this up with a short summary

  • TOEFL Full Form: Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Two versions of TOEFL: TOEFL IBT (Internet-based), and TOEFL PBT (Paper-based)
  • TOEFL Purpose: University Admissions and Finding work abroad majorly
  • TOEFL Eligibility: Anyone with a passport (Identity Proof) can take it. No limitations or eligibility factors
  • TOEFL Exam Update: It’s reduced to 1 hour 56 minutes with small reductions in the number of passages in the reading section
  • Countries that Accept TOEFL: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia
  • How to Check TOEFL Scores: Typically takes 10 days, You will receive an email after the exam regarding this
  • How to send TOEFL scores? : We need to select 4 institutions before writing the exam. Any additional destinations would cost an extra fee but can be sent using the ETS website
  • How many times is TOEFL conducted? : It’s conducted over 50 times a year and you can retake them with a 12-day gap
  • How much does TOEFL cost? : Anywhere between $150-$300 depending on the country
  • What is the TOEFL score validity? : 2 years
  • Different sections of the TOEFL exam: Reading, listening, Writing, Speaking
  • TOEFL Reading:  2 passages from academic texts (about 700 words); 10 questions per passage and 35 minutes
  • TOEFL Listening:  2-3 lectures tested, with about 6 questions tested per lecture. Apart from this, you will also be tested through 1-2 conversations, with about 5 questions each. : 36 minutes
  • TOEFL Speaking: 16 minutes, 4 Tasks
  • TOEFL Writing: 29 minutes, 2 tasks
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