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Universities in Sydney Australia | Study in Sydney Guide

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Chapter 1


Why Study in Sydney?

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and is the home to some of the leading universities in the world. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Sydney has been listed as the topmost livable city in the world. International students can enjoy a good quality of life while working and studying. This city also has the highest per capita income of $84,700. Even the climate in Sydney is very beautiful as they have some warm summers and mild winters. Along with studying in the best universities, there are so many places to explore! This city also offers a lot of job opportunities.

Eligibility and requirements

  • It is essential to complete any one of these exams
    •  IELTS exam 
    • TOEFL 
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
    • Cambridge English C1 Advanced and Cambridge English C2 Proficiency
  • You can either complete one of these tests or complete a relevant English language course at the University’s center for English teaching
  • Check the deadlines for admission for the course that you require
  • For an undergraduate course, you have to submit proof of a recognized qualification. For further information check here

  • For a postgraduate degree a good GPA, proof of recognized qualification in the same field or different field of study
  • Sometimes you may need to attend an interview, submit portfolios, work experience if it’s an MBA course and sometimes entrance exams.
  • You should apply for credit if you have completed a related study to your course so that you don’t need to repeat similar units
  • For post-graduation, a relevant work experience can be used to claim credits
  • You may apply for scholarships that are provided in your university
  • After being selected you will receive an email from the University of UAC
  • You will get a conditional offer if you haven’t completed the English language conditions
  • You can accept the offer through the Student Sydney Portal
  • You should pay the fees which include the semester tuition-free and overseas students health cover.
  • Once paid you’ll receive an electronic confirmation of enrolment which is used to apply for a student visa

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Chapter 2

Universities in Sydney Australia

The University of Sydney

This is a public research university in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the world’s leading universities founded in the year 1850. There are over 60,968 students and 4,788 academic staff. This university has produced 110 Rhodes Scholars and 19 Gates Scholars. This university is a member of the Group of Eight and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. They provide education for graduate, master and research students in all fields.

Global ranking: 28

University of New South Wales

This is a public research university in Sydney, South Wales. It is one of the founding members of  Group of Eight, a coalition of Australian research Universities. This university provides exchange programs and research partnerships with over 200 universities.

Best courses: It is ranked 20 for law and accounting. First in Australia for engineering and mathematics. Medicine.

Global ranking: 43

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Macquarie University

This is a public research university in Sydney, Australia. It was established in 1964 by the New South Wales government. It provides courses in medicine, management and has separate schools for it.  This university offers the largest student exchange programs in Australia. They offer foundation studies as diploma courses, once you complete that you can join as a second-year student in your bachelor degree.

Best courses: Finance, accounting, actuarial studies, engineering and linguistics

Global ranking: 207

University of Technology Sydney

This is a public research university in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the leading universities with 46,328 students. This university is a part of the Australian Technology Network and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. They offer courses for graduates, masters and research. Some of the notable alumni are Hugh Jackman, Tanya Plibserk, Sonia Kruger and others.

Best courses: Law, Computer Science, Nursing, Civil engineering and education

Global ranking: 194

Australian Catholic University, Brisbane Campus

This is a public university in Sydney, Australia. It has seven campuses and one in Rome. They offer bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. There are over 29,218 students among which 4,790 are international students. They have 1090 academic staff.  They have four faculties namely Education and Arts which includes arts, Humanities, international development studies etc, Health Sciences which includes counselling, environmental science public health etc, Law and Business which includes commerce, information technology etc and Theology and Philosophy which includes biblical studies, Christian thought, liturgy, moral theology, religious studies etc. This university has eight campuses all across Australia. Some of the notable alumni are Shane Clifton, Meg Lanning, Melina Marchetta, Justin Madden and others.

Best courses: Nursing

Global ranking: 251

Charles Sturt University Study Centers, Sydney

These Charles Sturt University Study Centers are operated by Charles Sturt University in Australia. It was established in 2001.  They provide undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs at these study centre locations. They offer undergraduate courses in accounting, management, marketing, etc. They offer diploma courses in Professional accounting, information technology etc. They also offer postgraduate courses in accounting, MBA etc.

 Global ranking: 779

The University of Sydney Business School

The University of Sydney Business School is a part of the University of Sydney. This is a separate school for Business and economics. This school is one of the triple-accredited business schools as it was awarded an AMBA accreditation. It is also a member of the Global Alliance in Management Education. There are over 11,042 students and 400 academic staff.

They offer 42 programs of which 27 for undergraduate degrees and 26 for master specialist degrees. They also offer MBA programs through the Australian School of Management. A minimum of 2 years to 6 years of work experience is required here. Some of the notable alumni are Mark Bouris, Satyajit Das, Fiona Scott and others.

Global ranking: 38

The University of Sydney - Law School

The University of Sydney Law School is a part of the University of Sydney. This is a separate public school for law established in 1855. There are over 2,310 students and 106 staff.

This school has produced 24 Rhodes Scholars and several Gates Scholars. They offer postgraduate and research courses. This is one of the top law schools in Sydney. They have produced many leaders in the field of law and politics, six prime ministers, four federal opposition leaders, two Governors-General, eleven Federal Attorneys-General and so much more.

Global ranking: 13

Western Sydney University

This university was formerly known as The University of Western Sydney which is located in the western region of Sydney, Australia. It provides education for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. It is a public university and it was ranked 300 in the world and 18th in Australia in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. There are over 48,458 students and 1,675 academic staff. The students have on-campus accommodations. They have campuses in Bankstown, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith. Some of the notable alumni of this university are Yvonne Strahovski, Joel Edgerton, Joelle Hadija, Shannon Cole and many others.

Global ranking: 247

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Macquarie Graduate School of Management is a part of Macquarie University in Australia. This school of management is located in Sydney, Australia and it is a public school. They also have campuses in North Ryde, Sydney’s CBD and in Hongkong. There are over 900 students and 40 staff. They have been ranked by the Financial Times in Australia as number one. Their mission is to develop leaders with a global mindset who create sustainable value and are good citizens. They offer MBA for full time and executive students. Their MBA programs are accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Global ranking: 46

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Chapter 3

High paying jobs in Sydney Australia

Sydney has the highest per capita income of $84,700 in Australia followed by Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Australian economy is recovering from the COVID 19 pandemic and there are a lot of job opportunities.


Working as a surgeon in Sydney, Australia pays you a lot of money. It is the highest paying job there. To be a surgeon in Sydney you should’ve completed graduation in medicine, written the GAMSAT exam to do a masters degree in medicine and then do a year of internship and training. Each state has its requirement of surgeons, hence you should check the websites of the particular state. The Junior Doctor Training Program Private Hospital Stream offers 115 positions which is a good opportunity for international students.

You should also register for a general medical registration through the board of Australia.

Salary range: $624,000 – $196,000 

College professor

Working as a professor is one of the high paid jobs in Sydney and there are several openings in Universities for it. You should complete a post-graduation in your area of interest, a PHD and also publish your paper. You should apply to be an advertised professorship or an associate professorship.  Along with this if you have experience in your industry or teaching experience. It adds more value to your position. Only the most experienced individuals who have worked for many years are called professors in Australia. Or else you are a lecturer then promoted to senior lecturer then associate professor to Professor. You can upgrade your position by getting research grants, research publications etc.  

Salary range: $192,000


To be a lawyer in Sydney you should practice law and hold a law practicing certificate. An overseas qualified applicant for admission in Western Australia should either complete an approved Australian law degree or apply for an assessment of their qualifications. After completing the form, you are eligible to apply for academic exemptions, the fee is AUD 200. If you are eligible to apply for academic and practical legal training exemptions, the fee is AUD 400. All other overseas law graduates must complete an approved or corresponding Australian law degree to be a lawyer in Sydney, Australia.

Salary range: $208,000 

Bank manager

Generally, a  bank and a  branch manager are responsible for the general operations, budgeting, staffing and expenditure for their financial institution or branch. A person with adequate leadership skills, with knowledge of math’s, economics, accounting and administration is important. You should obtain graduation in commerce, economics or obtain a diploma in accounting or obtain a certificate IV in financial services. A masters degree in business administration and a minimum work experience add to your position. The work experience should be around five years or more than that. Even an MBA degree is helpful to become a bank manager in Sydney, Australia.

Salary range: $256,000


An orthodontist is different from a dentist. A dentist is responsible for your overall dental health but an orthodontist corrects the alignment of your teeth, occlusion and straightness. To practise as an orthodontist or as a dentist in Australia you will need to meet the registration requirements of the Dental Board of Australia. You should either complete an Australian approved program of study or undertake the examination procedure conducted by the Australian Dental Council (ADC). Within the limited registration, overseas dentists can apply for the Public Sector Dental Workforce scheme or do postgraduate training or supervised practice.

Salary range: $196,417



Chief Financial Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Internal Medicine Specialist


Financial Manager


Architectural Manager


Construction Manager


Advertising Sales Manager


Chief Information Officer


Construction Project Manager


Project Manager IT


Life in Sydney, Australia:

Sydney is the safest and livable city in the world. It has a low crime rate and you can walk around the streets at any time of the day to board public transport. If you’re motivated and have a positive attitude this can be one of the important reasons for you to get a job there. The cost of living will be expensive but you will also be paid well. This city has a laid back and high-quality life due to wide study and work opportunities. This city has a temperate climate and beautiful beaches to visit.


Sydney is a cosmopolitan city and the culture is extremely diverse hence this is an added advantage to the international students. You are not just exposed to the culture of Sydney but many other cultures as well. There is multiculturalism here. This city provides good education, high pay and ample work opportunities if you’re up to it.


  • Is Sydney a good place to live?

Sydney is one of the safest places and is a family-friendly city. There are beautiful beaches and an excellent education system.

  • What are the requirements to study in Australia after the 12th?

Students are required to have a minimum of 65% in their 12th grade. For diploma and foundation courses the percentages can be lower. 

  • Is Sydney good for international students?

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Sydney has been listed as the topmost livable city in the world. Students can enjoy a high quality of life while studying and working.

  • Why is Sydney the best place to study?

 They have some of the world’s best universities, a good temperate climate and a safe living environment which makes Sydney the best place to study.

  • How much bank balance is required to study in Sydney, Australia?

The amount you need to have is set at $13,750 for a year

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