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COVID-19: Canada, an attractive destination for Fall 2021 but start early to factor in increased competition

By July 2, 2020April 29th, 2021No Comments

In one of our articles from a couple of months ago, we had predicted that Canada would be one of the countries that will recover the fastest both from an economic standpoint as well as from a COVID standpoint. Study in Canada for Fall 2021 a good option? Yes, Read till end to find out why

Similar to our prediction of Germany’s recovery coming true as outlined in our last article, we are happy to report that Canada has also recovered strongly as we had predicted.

3 reasons why we believe that Canada is a great choice for Fall 2021 aspirants :

1. 86% reduction in daily new cases from the peak in May 2020

In a little over a month, Canada has shown an 86% drop in daily new cases from 2777 daily new cases on May 3rd, 2020 to around 376 daily new cases by June 11th, 2020.  That is a significant drop in cases in a little over a month which is a really good sign of them being able to control the COVID spread.

They have been able to do this by significantly ramping up their testing infrastructure. They have conducted almost 2,113,924 tests and have been actively been practicing social distancing and quarantining.

Why is this important for Fall 2021 aspirants?

With still 14 months to go for Fall 2021, the significant progress made by Canada works very well for Fall 2021 aspirants. With daily new cases being less than 500 cases a day, coupled with a significant ramp-up of testing infrastructure, we expect them to be in a really good position by the time Fall 2021 starts.

2. Huge stimulus of $82 billion to stimulate the economy

Canada has announced a huge stimulus of $82 billion (almost 3.5 percent) of GDP to stimulate the economy. For a country with a much lesser population than India, this is a really large stimulus. They have also committed to put in more capital if required to stimulate the economy. They also announced this measure early (in March 2020) to get money into the hands of people and businesses early.

Why is this important for Fall 2021 aspirants?

Creating a large economic stimulus is the only way to kickstart the economy. Canada has taken that action early by making sure money reaches the hands of the people and businesses early. Their ability to significantly control daily new cases of COVID 19 plus a large economic stimulus is great for Fall 2021 students as they could expect the economy to be in full swing by the time they graduate from their program.

3. Toronto and Vancouver are fast becoming technology hubs with easy immigration policies

Canada has been successful in attracting good tech talent and companies in recent years largely driven by more stringent immigration norms in the US. While the US continues to have the largest number of technology jobs, the below are some positive trends that are happening in Canada :

Toronto and Vancouver are fast becoming the start-up hubs with increased investment funds and start-ups operating out of both these cities.  60 miles from Toronto is the University of Waterloo which is one of the top universities for technology graduates in Canada (often referred to as Canada’s MIT). Vancouver similarly boasts of several successful start-ups like Hootsuite (valued at over $1 billion), Slack (which started it’s IPO at a $23 billion valuation), and PlentyOfFish which was purchased for $575 Million.

Why is this important for Fall 2021 aspirants?

 As a lot of prospects usually apply for STEM programs, the growth in technology jobs in Canada is a significant positive trend for Fall 2021 applicants. Keep in mind that the US still has the largest number of technology jobs available compared to any other country as it is the largest economy in the world.

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Expect Increased competition and Start Early

Universities in Canada offering graduate degrees are 91% lesser in than the number of Universities offering graduate degrees in the US

If you are serious about applying to Canada for Fall 2021, we have a couple of words for you “Start now with your applications and do not waste time delaying your process. You need to differentiate yourself in your documentation (SOP etc) as competition will be more. Here a couple of statistics that will give you an idea of why competition will be more :

Fewer universities + Increased Applications = Greater competition

Canada is a great location for Fall 2021 aspirants but competition will be increasing. So, we highly recommend that you start working on your applications especially the documentation (Statement Of Purpose, etc) from now itself. Canada is a great location for Fall 2021 aspirants but competition will be increasing. Delaying starting your application work until you get your IELTS test scores is not a good idea. Start now and you will definitely reap the benefits.

Our Approach at Galvanize Test Prep

As mentioned, we had already predicted that Canada will be one of the countries that rebounds early from the COVID crisis. We also anticipated that there will be increased competition as international applications will increase. 

At Galvanize Test Prep, we have already started working with our students who are interested in applying to Canada for Fall 2021 on various aspects of their application from shortlisting to documentation. For those who have not taken their IELTS as yet, we have started working on their documentation early to give them an edge over applicants.

If you are interested in applying to Canada for Fall 2021 and would like guidance on starting your process, reach out to us on WhatsApp for the quickest responses.

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