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Terms & Conditions for Refund of Classic Admissions Counselling Fee

This agreement is between you (the student), and Galvanize (also known as Entrayn Education Technologies). By making a payment and enrolling for this Masters Classic Admissions Counselling package, the student agrees to the following Terms & Conditions

  • This refund policy is only available to applications to select universities in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand & Australia as identified by Galvanize.
  • The refund of the Admission Counselling servicing fee to the student will be applicable only 6 months after the student enrolls in the university. The student should have paid  the fees for the First and Second semesters for one of the universities suggested by Galvanize.
  • The student will have to enroll in one of the universities that Galvanize   had suggested as part of their university shortlist.
  • The student agrees to follow the process, schedule and timeline for the service as outlined by Galvanize .
  • Certain aspects of the service require the student to agree to provide their background information and their accomplishments to date. The student agrees to provide true, complete and accurate information about themselves in a timely manner and in the templates requested by Galvanize . Galvanize  will not be responsible for delays in the service due to:
    • Incorrect information being provided by the student 
    • Information not being provided in a timely manner by the student
  • It is the responsibility of the student to attend any online or telephonic workshops required by Galvanize  as a part of this service.
  • The student should minimum pay ₹7500 to avail this offer.
  • The refund is only applicable if Galvanize  completes and submits the online university applications for the student on the student’s behalf.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to take any standardized tests such as GRE, IELTS, TOEFL etc required for admissions into universities in that specific country in a timely manner and report those scores before the application deadlines to the universities that they are applying to.  
  • It is also the responsibility of the student to report their standardized test scores and academic credentials at least a month in advance of their first University application deadlines to Galvanize  in order to ensure that the service can be provided effectively. Galvanize  will not be responsible for any delays in the service  delivered due to late reporting of standardized test scores and academic credentials by the student.
  •  It is the student’s responsibility to provide all documentation required (Background information, SOP, Resume) in a timely manner to Galvanize.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to monitor the status of their university applications and provide any additional documentation requested by the University as well as to respond to offers of enrollment. 
  • The student should remain in touch with Galvanize even after they go to the university abroad. They should give us their new WhatsApp number if it changes. They should also send photos of them on their University Campus. 
  • The student should provide us with a soft copy of I20, Student Visa (within 2 weeks of receiving the visa) and University Fee Receipts.
  • The student  agrees that the Service is provided completely online without any face to face interactions. All queries will be addressed via emails to Galvanize.
  • The offices of Galvanize  will remain closed on all National Holidays stipulated by the Government of India & Sundays. Any additional days on which the advisors are not available will also be communicated via email at the beginning of the service so that the student is aware of the dates.
  • If any of the above criteria is not met by the student, then the Admission Counselling fee will not be refunded to the student.
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