The rise of Canada, Germany, UK, and other non-US countries as Study Destinations

Saturday, 1st August 2020 at 11 AM (IST)

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Presenting the Host for the Webinar

Divya Sreenivas

Global Admissions Head, Galvanize Test Prep

Divya holds an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri – ranked in the top #10 nationwide for Journalism- and a Ph.D. in Communications & Journalism from the University of New Mexico. Prior to joining Galvanize, Divya worked as Head of Counselling & Research at ELS, At Galvanize, she is responsible for the admission counselling service across various segments (MS, MBA, and UG).



Should I study abroad at all at this time?

If not the US, which other countries are good options? (Based on cost and other factors.)

What factors I consider while choosing a destination for study abroad?

What assistance can I expect from Galvanize Test prep?

Finally - A Q&A session will follow to answer your own personal questions!

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