Why Biden's Win is Excellent News
for PhD Applicants

Saturday, 5th December 2020
11 AM (IST)

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Presenting the Host for the Webinar

Pavithra Srinivasan

Founder, Galvanize Test Prep

Pavithra has graduated from Stanford University with a 100% Fellowship Scholarship in Electrical Engineering. She worked at various hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley and Kaplan in the U.S. She returned to India with a vision to revamp the Test Preparation space with a more personalized study based program and started Galvanize Test Prep. Pretty much all of the courses we offer have been personally worked on by Pavithra – giving it that elite Stanford touch.



Why 2021 is the IDEAL year to apply for a PhD in the USA

 How STEM applicants stand to benefit most of all

 How to apply for a PhD position successfully

Finally - A Q&A session will follow to answer your own personal questions!

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