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Saturday, 10th October 2020, 2 PM

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Study Abroad - A life changing experience!

Should I study abroad at all at this time?

If not the US, which other countries are good options? (Based on cost and other factors.)

What factors do I consider while choosing a destination for study abroad?

What assistance can I expect from Galvanize Test prep?

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IIT MADRAS Students Adore Us

Application process to foreign universities is daunting in terms of the quantity of documents required. Galvanize admission counselling helped streamline the entire process.
The team clearly laid down the plan for the months leading up to my university deadlines.
The drafting process for my SOP and LOR was exhausting and extremely time consuming. The admissions counselor at Galvanize helped me at every step with fast and reliable reviews on my SOP and diversity essays.
Ultimately, I would definitely say Galvanize AC helped me in achieving an exciting admit.

Sahil GuptaIIT Madras

I enrolled in the Galvanize course primarily for the verbal section and I truly believe that my investment has paid off.
The comprehensive study plan served as a preparation timeline and helped me monitor my progress.
The course also offers word lists from which I found to be extremely useful while preparing for vocabulary.
Also, a detailed feedback on tests from a personalized coach helped me reallocate my time efficiently.

Sourya VarenyaIIT Madras

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