Workshop Details

ILLUMINATE the path to pursuing a

Master’s Degree in The USA.

10 AM, Sun, 28 Nov 2021

Masters in the TOP Countries like

​​​​​​​UK, New Zealand, and Australia

12 PM, Sun, 28 Nov 2021

Secure admissions from Top Universities

Master’s Degree in Canada.

2 PM, Sun, 28 Nov 2021

Know how Galvanize can help in getting

Admitted to dream University

4 PM, Sun, 28 Nov 2021

Workshop Highlights

Session 1,2,3 Highlights:

  • Why Study in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada
  • Application Timeline for Fall and Spring
  • Cost of Living expenses in respective countries.
  • Requirements for application
  • Career Opportunities
  • Visa Requirements and Process.

Session 4 highlights:

  • About Galvanize Test prep
  • Timeline for Fall And Spring Intake
  • Platform Walkthrough for Test Prep and Admissions.
  • Course Details and Pricing
  • Q and A session with the team

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