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Thursday, 17th Septmber 2020, 4.30 PM Onwards

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Study Abroad - A life changing experience!

Importance of GRE

We’re sure most of you have a common doubt. When’s the right time? We’ll sort this one together!

Life Abroad

Studying abroad is amazing and life-enriching. We’ll share personal experiences on the same!

Scholarships and Funding

Yes. We said that. We’ll assist you on “How To” get a scholarship to fund your degree.


Know In-depth About The Exam

The aspects of GRE are well analyzed by Galvanize and they prepare a separate study plan for you. So you achieve your dream score. Or if you want to improve from where you are. You can visit their website and decide but I will definitely say that the plan will suit you and one less thing to worry about.

Subash Chandar kGRE Score: 321

My Admission Counselor at Galvanize helped me shortlist suitable universities & there was tremendous help from her when it came to drafting my Statement of Purpose. They also guided me with how I should approach my professors for the Letters of Recommendation. Because of Galvanize Test Prep, what seemed impossible is now accomplished!

Akshaya SundarGot Admit to University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA