[New] Brilliant GRE Verbal Strategies to Ace the Test

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 7 PM (IST)

Highlights of attending this Webinar.

Powerful Strategies to tackle the GRE Verbal Section
The biggest GRE prep mistakes to avoid 
Time – Management hacks to save the day.
Extensive Q&A with GRE Verbal subject expert

Presenting the Hosts for Your Webinar!

Anuja Sundar,
Verbal Expert

Sana Shah,
GRE Expert

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Janssen OGRE Score: 331

So you know Galvanize test prep course, I think , is a very comprehensive one- stop solution. You really don't need to refer to any other material. You should just follow your study plan & be dedicated. I'm sure that way everyone will reach their target score.

Indranil CGRE Score: 332

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