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Indian students are capitalizing on a potentially unique opportunity with Fall 2021 applications.

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Have you realized the unique opportunity with Fall 2021 applications ? Especially for Indian students?

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. – Albert Einstein

Every crisis also presents an opportunity. The financial crisis of 2008 resulted in the origin of companies like Airbnb and Uber. The entire concept of the gig economy started from there.

The Covid- 19 crisis presents Indian students an opportunity of almost a decade to maximize their chances of getting into their dream universities in the US. At Galvanize Test Prep, we have seen a 92% increase in students enrolling for our Admission Counselling services for April 2020 and May 2020 over last year (April 2019 and May 2019).

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As education tends to be seasonal, this growth in times of Covid indicates that some students are seeing significant opportunities in these times of crisis.

You must be wondering with Covid-19, why are students signing up for Admission Counselling? 

Some Indian students have realized certain opportunities listed below that Fall 2021 provides them, and are investing early to take potential advantage.

1. Potential drop in Chinese enrollments for Fall 2021

The worsening relations between the US and China due to the Covid -19 pandemic is going to have consequences on Chinese student enrollments in the US for MS/PhD programs. The US has blamed China for a lack of transparency around the Covid -19 situation. 

A recent New York Times article talked about the Trump administration’s plans to cancel visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students who are affiliated to universities that have direct ties to  the People’s Liberation Army.

Unique Opportunitu for indian with fall 2021 Applications 1

President Trump announced the same along with his announcement to remove special privileges that Hong Kong enjoys with the United States. Donald Trump said the Chinese government has been diminishing Hong Kong’s longstanding and very proud status. The US had also raised alarm on a new security law that the Chinese government was planning on implementing in Hong Kong at the UN Security Council.

With the worsening relations between China and the US, we expect to see a significant drop in Chinese graduate (MS/PhD) student enrollments in Fall 2021. We also expect to see a potential further strengthening of the ties between the US and India.

Why is this important for Indian Graduate students for Fall 2021?

Chinese graduate students (MS and PhD applicants) made up 36.1% of all international graduate students in the US in the academic year 2018-2019. This percentage accounted for 133,396 students from China in the US.

China and India have some of the largest number of applicants to MS and PhD programs in the US. They compete for admissions and scholarships at leading US universities. Now, the expected fall in students from China enrolling in US universities will be a huge benefit for Indian students as competition for admissions and scholarships might be reduced due to the lesser number of applications from China.

2. US economic aid package $2 trillion, the largest by any country will lead to the fastest recovery

The US has announced the largest economic stimulus among all countries in the world. Moreover, with the US $ being the most stable currency, they have the ability to pump more money into the system and further revive the economy. Countries like India and most countries in Europe do not have the ability to keep pumping in money like the US. 

Germany is probably an exception in Europe with a strong economy in place. Moreover, it was one of the most successful in implementing measures to control Covid- 19. The Volkswagen plant which is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world has recently opened in Germany with over 100 process improvement measures implemented to enable social distancing.

Fall 2021 Preparation | What to do as prospective student

Why is this important for Indian graduate students applying for Fall 2021?

The US remains one of the most favored destinations for Indian students. The US pumping in such large sums of money to stimulate the economy is good, as this means that it will recover the fastest. With 14 months to go for Fall 2021 and another two years for graduation, students applying for Fall 2021 will be uniquely placed in an economy that will recover the fastest by the time of their graduation.

Also, students are faced with a worsening economy in India, which means that applying for Fall 2021 gives them a great option if campus placements significantly reduce.

3. STEM fields will see a high demand in the USA

Requirements for STEM graduates will continue to see a high demand in the USA post-Covid-19. The reason is simple. Covid- 19 is going to accelerate the adoption of technologies like AI, Digital, Robotics, Driverless vehicles, Drones -etc. – as companies look to de-risk from a future pandemic.  Let us take e-commerce as an example. US e-commerce sales jumped by 49% in April 2020. We expect to see the rapid adoption of these technologies which will create a huge requirement for STEM graduates.

Why is this important for Indian graduate students applying for Fall 2021?

Chinese and Indian students form a large percentage of STEM graduates from graduate programs (MS & PhD). With the expected fall in Chinese student enrollments for MS and PhD programs in the USA, we expect that there might be a further shortage of STEM graduates as the economy recovers.

Unique Opportunitu for indian with fall 2021 Applications 3

A US Congressional Research Service report from Nov 1st 2019 reported China and India as the #1 and #2 countries from which STEM students (MS & PhD programs) graduated in the US in the academic year 2017-2018. 162,000 Chinese STEM students and 154,000 Indian STEM students graduated with MS & PhD degrees, while Saudi Arabia was a distant 3rd with 20,000 STEM graduates. 

This means that Indian MS and PhD students applying for Fall 2021 will be uniquely placed in a recovering economy that has a shortage of STEM graduates, as we expect that there will be a significant drop in Chinese students enrollment there. With good US degrees, they will be uniquely positioned to land great offers in a new age economy that requires STEM graduates.

4. Some Indian students are realizing this potential unique opportunity!

As mentioned earlier, some Indian students have realized this opportunity and have started working on their Admission Counselling process early. We have seen a 92% increase in enrollments in April and May 2020 over the prior year at Galvanize Test Prep. 

Our Admission Counselling was always conducted remotely even prior to Covid- 19 by using a seamless combination of technology and experienced counselors who are themselves graduates of top universities abroad. So, unlike your brick and mortar counseling companies who are used to only working face-to-face, we have had experience with a remote counseling model for years now.

Fall 2021 Preparation | What to do as prospective student

These planned students are working on elements of their documentation (SOP, etc.) in parallel to with preparation for their standardized tests. The USA still remains the top choice followed by Germany and Canada. 

These students also realize that with 14 months to go for Fall 2021, the Covid -19 situation will probably get much better with the world learning to better deal with it. If they decide not to go for some reason, they can always defer the admit, BUT if they do not apply, they do not have that option.

By making a small investment upfront in Admission Counselling and Test Preparation, they are giving themselves options to take advantage of this potentially unique opportunity.

So, will you be one of the students who start early to take advantage of some of these potential-filled opportunities? Reach out to us for information on your application strategy.

Confused about how to prepare for Spring or Fall 2021 admissions abroad during this time? Get a customized action plan!

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