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By religiously following Galvanize's study plan, I increased my score by 19 points within a month and got 330/340.

Amit Somani

Zihad Azad, Bangladesh

Galvanize Test Prep Review - zihad azad

GRE Score- 336 Verbal- 169 Quant- 167

Bangladesh University of engineering and technology

I’m a recent graduate of Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. I recently took the GRE exam and scored a 336 in total (169 in Verbal & 167 in Quant). I was looking for quality GRE vocab apps when I came across the Galvanize vocab app and I really liked it. I then did some research and found their free GRE diagnostic test on their website. I took the test and I really loved it. That’s why I chose to sign up for their services. One of the things I really loved about Galvanize is that they give you a fixed study schedule based on your performance in the diagnostic test. It was amazing because it gave me daily activities for each of the 45 days that I’d signed up for. My experience was very intensive.

This I felt was in sharp contrast to other GRE prep service providers who only give you access to the question pool and leave you to it.  The Quant questions were constantly being updated and I thought they were really good. There is a very interactive discussion section where you can discuss and get your doubts cleared by the Verbal & Quant expert. I really liked the practice tests and the mock tests as well. I took 5 mock tests which were amazing because they really did simulate the real GRE test. They’ve done a really good job of having their mock tests be as close as possible to the real GRE. They also assign a personal coach (“course manager”) to every student. My course manager followed up with me every few days to ensure I was on track. This interactive experience I had was amazing. I do not know which other service providers can claim to provide such a level of personalization. I highly recommend Galvanize to anybody looking for that personalized touch to their GRE preparation.

Dhairyya Agarwal, Kolkata India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Dhairyya agarwal

GRE Score- 334 Verbal- 165 Quant- 169

Institute of Engineering and Management

First, I would like to provide some insight about my GRE scores.

Before I began my  preparation, my Verbal score was around 152 and Quant 162.

After preparing with Galvanize, my scores on the actual GRE were 165 (Verbal) and 169 (Quant).

This change occurred  in around only 20 days.

Galvanize’s mobile app for vocabulary is excellent as it has mnemonics associated with each word. Having around 1800 words it actually covers all the words present in Barron’s and Magoosh giving you a comprehensive preparation.

The mock tests, 5 of them are very helpful as they simulate the actual test very closely. The strategies taught in the verbal classes were quite helpful. As I had opted for virtual classes, my course managers were quite helpful in resolving my doubts and providing me guidance at any point of time.

So for me Galvanize worked wonders, for others I would suggest to give it a try. You will find learning to be fun and fall in love with learning again.


Surbhi Srivastava, Mumbai India

Galvanize Test Prep - Surbhi

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 164 Quant- 166

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

I recently took the GRE after having enrolled with Galvanize for their 45-day crash course. I scored 164 in Verbal and 166 in Quant on my first attempt. Reasons for why Galvanize was helpful are as follows-

  1. Galvanize suited me because they had a plan which fit within my time-limit and was affordable for me. I also felt that with my basic knowledge I did not need more than 45 days as that would only lead to burn-out. But for those who need more time, Galvanize has longer packages which I felt were more economical than the ones in the market.
  2. I liked the general layout of the Galvanize platform as it made doing tasks systematic. I’m a check-box type of person so I like to set short goals and check them off my list. For that, Galvanize provided short tasks on a daily basis that I just had to finish without worrying about what to do next.
  3. Both the Verbal and Quant sections of Galvanize were comprehensive and focused on getting basics right to solve every question. I also preferred to understand general strategies rather than learning how to do every sum. For that, the Galvanize instructors were very helpful as they did not hesitate to digress during the lesson if some helpful strategy or concept needed to be discussed.

My experience was that you need to be smart about how you spend your time preparing. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses. Move within the sections as that turned out to be the biggest lesson that Galvanize taught me !

Indranil Chakraborty, Delhi India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Indranil

GRE Score- 332 Verbal- 166 Quant- 166

Delhi Technological University

Qualcomm, New Delhi

I found the course I’d enrolled for appealing and comprehensive. The platform was evenly split between Verbal and Quant. I found a course appealing  and comprehensive. And also had adequate material for analytical writing! I mostly relied on the mock tests and the feedback that was delivered to me at the end of that.

The feedback was very insightful and it really pinpointed my weak points and that gives you a good insight into what exactly are your weaknesses and what you really read to improve on.

Apart from that, what I believe really helped me achieve my target score of GRE  was the GRE vocabulary app that Galvanized has on the Playstore.

Galvanize Test Prep course I think is a one-stop solution – you really don’t need to refer to any other material out there in the market. You should just follow your study plan that is outlined in your course, keep in touch with your course manager and pay attention to the constant feedback you get. Thanks a lot again Galvanize.

Shyam Ravishankar, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Shyam Ravishankar

GRE Score- 332 Verbal- 165 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 26

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! The Personalized Study Plan and top notch study material helped me understand and focus on my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+ thanks to your fantastic GRE Course! I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! “I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+ thanks to your fantastic GRE Course!”

Janssen Ongaigui, Philippines

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Janssen Ongaigui

GRE Score- 331 Verbal- 164 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 25

University of the Philippines Diliman

My name is Janssen Jiang Ongaigui, and I am from the Philippines. I took up BS Electrical Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I want to study abroad to gain pertinent experience and knowledge otherwise unavailable in the Philippines, especially in the energy sector. The quality of the learning material in Galvanize is great. Galvanize offers plenty of video lessons that explain the concepts, followed by a variety of problem sets. These helped me become more confident and it lessened my nervousness. They offer many Quant questions with varying levels of difficulty, making sure that every topic is covered. They also tell you what to look out for when answering Verbal questions, and they even tell you how much time you should be spending on particular types of questions. Furthermore, they tell you traps that you might fall into. All in all, I was able to learn a lot from Galvanize because I used it frequently. As such, I found the Galvanize online software platform useful. There is a study plan that a student can follow for good pacing and I used it almost everyday. There are also useful reports that come after each test that give insight into the mistakes that a student makes, and from there the student can make adjustments.All in all, Galvanize has been really helpful! I would recommend Galvanize to my friends who want to take up the GRE.

Mukund Bharadwaj, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Mukund Bharadwaj

GRE Score- 331 Verbal- 163 Quant- 168

SSN College of Engineering

The entire structure of the course was very well planned. There was nothing that I found not clear or not confident about.I got a personalized study plan, that was created well according to my needs.The mock tests were difficult compared to the actual GRE.The web interface was very clean and intuitive.I just finished my GRE. I am glad to say I had a fantastic experience with Galvanize. I got a personalized study plan, that was created well according to my needs.I just finished my GRE. I am glad to say I had a fantastic experience with Galvanize.

Amit Somani, Ahmedabad India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Amit Somani

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 160 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 15

IIT Patna

ezDI, Inc

I am Amit Somani, alumnus of IIT – Patna. One of my friends introduced me to Galvanize and their instructors made a study plan based on the diagnostic test with an emphasis on my weak areas. The question bank mimics exactly the type of question there are on actual GRE . One of the things that I like the most about Galvanize is that instructors are amicable and they cared as much as I cared about my score.By religiously following Galvanize’s study plan, I increased my score by 19 points within a month and got 330/340. Thank you Team Galvanize!

Elakhya N, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Elakhya N

GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 159 Quant- 164

SSN College of Engineering

The test material was really helpful. The quality of the learning material was high. The content provided was quite similar to the questions I faced in the GRE. The mock tests were challenging and helped me gain a very good perspective about my preparedness level. The online platform is highly useful. The preparedness status displayed on the homepage was what pushed me towards completing the everyday assignments and tasks of the online study plan. The analytics reports were interactive and visually pleasing. Also, the comprehensive feedback reports provided at the end of the mock tests helped me rectify my mistakes. I regularly used the both the GRE and Vocab mobile apps. Both helped me practice on the go. The course managers played a crucial role in keeping me motivated . They were highly accommodating of my demands and really pushed me towards the end goal. I am indebted to them.

Sovit Agarwal, New Delhi India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Sovit Agarwal

GRE Score- 328 Verbal- 160 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 24

Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology


First of all, kudos to the entire team of Galvanize Test Prep for the relentless support and help that they have provided me over my entire course duration. Also, as I work in an IT firm and can manage time only in the weekends, the test plan was perfect for me, as it was prepared in such a way that the majority of the tasks and sessions were kept for the weekend while the weekdays had relaxing sessions of short duration. This helped me manage my studies along with work. For every doubt/concern raised by a student, the guides and experts are ever ready to respond with answers on the portal itself. I have scored 328 in my second attempt and they totally deserve the credit for this. I would recommend every GRE aspirant to go for Galvanize Test Prep as you would be assured of a higher, “Galvanized” score.

Gayatri Gopal, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Gayatri Gopal

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 160 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 12

SSN College of Engineering

I was generally skeptical about GRE coaching classes as I felt that they do not provide personal attention. But Galvanize changed my preconceived notion. Their analytics and feedback after every Mock Test were extremely useful and ensured that I didn’t make the same mistakes and also it threw light on my weaknesses and helped me prepare better. I believe I made the right choice as the Course Manager used to constantly remind me about the series of tests and helped stay right on track when I used to deviate from the plan. I would definitely recommend Galvanize as they genuinely take the effort to help students understand where their pitfalls are and how to overcome them.

Rohit Poduri, New Delhi India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Rohit Poduri

GRE Score- 326 Verbal- 156 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 14

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT)

KritiKal Solutions

Columbia University

When I first took my GRE, I was very unhappy with my Verbal score of 149 (41st percentile). I looked for GRE mobile apps on Google Playstore and found the Galvanize GRE app. After spending some time on the app, I decided that their online GRE course would be perfect for me. As it turned out, the online course was indeed very suitable for me as I was a working professional and couldn’t give a lot of time for my GRE preparation. The daily schedule they gave was great as I could take my preparation “one day at a time”. The video lessons were crystal clear and I was finally able to understand how to approach the questions. The mock tests were also really helpful in preparing me for the actual GRE exam and I was able to find out the areas where I made the most mistakes. In the end I was able to get a Verbal score of 156 (71st percentile) – a huge 31 percentile point jump when compared to my previous attempt. I am extremely satisfied with Galvanize Test Prep! Thanks to you guys, I’m now doing my Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University, New York – an Ivy League school! 🙂

Tushar Telmasre, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Tushar Telmasre

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 162 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 21

IIT Kanpur


Nikhil Aditya Eti, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Avatar

GRE Score- 328 Verbal- 158 Quant- 170

IIT Madras

The full-length tests were so helpful that I got the knack for solving quant problems and also realized where I was lacking in the Quant section. The online software platform was user-friendly. It showed how I progressed during the whole time. The data analytics and feedback that I got after every test was very important in my preparation. Most importantly, the time table that was provided to me proved to be extremely beneficial as I am a working professional.

Ria Gupta, Gurgaon India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Ria Gupta

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 155 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 25

Northcap University(Formerly ITM, Gurgaon)

Galvanize offers a platform thats fully GRE prone. The content, personalized study plan, and 24*7 support from faculty makes it a perfect platform to study for Gre. I scored a 320 on 340 in just two months preparation.Your weaknesses and strengths are pointed out by faculty after every mock test. Nice platform for gre preparation.

Yashwanth Duvvuru, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Yashwanth Duvvuru

GRE Score- 321 Verbal- 152 Quant- 169

IIT Patna

Tricon Infotech

I am Yashwanth Duvvuru, alumnus of IIT – Patna. The tests are really good and very similar to the actual GRE. The learning material is also very helpfulAs a working professional, it is not possible for me to attend the classroom training program. For this reason, I found the online training program very helpful.As soon as I completed my mock test, I was eagerly waiting for my PFR to overcome my negatives. The report also helped me get my exam strategy ready.The most important person in my whole GRE preparation is the course manager. First and foremost, I personally thank her for being part of my successful GRE journey.She paid attention to every minute detail and helped me to overcome my weaknesses easily.

Amit Chahar, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Amit Chahar

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 157 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 17

Army Institute of Technology

Wispero Networks Inc

My experience with Galvanize was awesome. I was able to score 324 only because of Galvanize’s Study plan and constant motivation from their Course Managers.After every mock test I took, I gained more and more confidence.Galvanize was the right choice I made for my GRE Prep.

Natesh Raina, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Natesh Raina

GRE Score- 327 Verbal- 158 Quant- 169

Score Improvement- 14

Pune Institute Of Computer Technology

Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The full-length tests were so helpful that I got the knack for solving quant problems and also realized where I was lacking in the Quant section. The online software platform was user-friendly. It showed how I progressed during the whole time. The data analytics and feedback that I got after every test was very important in my preparation. Most importantly, the time table that was provided to me proved to be extremely beneficial as I am a working professional.

Suyog Ghungrad, Surat India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Suyog Ghungrad

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 150 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 13


I was searching for online practice tests and I found that Galvanize was giving me more tests and that too within the budget.So I enrolled with Galvanize. My experience was very good. The practice tests helped with managing time in both the sections.The analysis of my mock tests really helped to improve my score. I used the topic-wise distribution and then focused on my weaker topics.

Kaushik Raam, Tiruchirapalli India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Kaushik Raam

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 155 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 26

NIT Trichy

The Personalized Study Plan caters your needs according to the date on which we are writing the GRE. The Personalized Feedback Report after every mock test was very useful in improving my score and it ensured that I did not repeat the same mistake in my subsequent mock test. It also helped me focus on my weakness by keeping track of the mistakes that i made in the previous mock tests.The online classes are very flexible in that I could study whenever I wanted and revise whenever I was not clear with some concept. I could go back to the videos and watch them all over again anytime I wanted to revise a concept.I would certainly recommend others to enroll with Galvanize Test Prep.

Murlidhar Sharma, Mumbai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Murlidhar Sharma

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 150 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 15

Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology

I tried the Galvanize vocabulary app on the Play Store, after which I was impressed and decided to enroll. The Galvanize apps are tailor-made for GRE preparation and very interactive. If your vocabulary is not that great, you should definitely spend a lot of time on it learning new words. The customised study plan helps a lot as it removes the burden of “What to study next?” The tests help a lot in analysing your performance and simulating the exam environment. The analytics focus on your mistakes and help you take a mental note of them to avoid them in future.

Sourya Varenya, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Sourya Varenya

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 154 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 14

IIT Madras

I enrolled in the Galvanize crash course plan primarily for the verbal section and I truly believe that my investment has paid off.The comprehensive study plan served as a preparation timeline and helped me monitor my progress.The crash course also offers word lists from which I found to be extremely useful while preparing for vocabulary. Also, a detailed feedback on tests from a personalized coach helped me reallocate my time efficiently.

Harnav Preet, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Harnav Preet

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 156 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 26

IIT Patna

Mahindra Research Valley

I am Harnav Preet, alumnus of IIT – Patna.The difficulty level of all the tests was a notch higher than that of the actual GRE. Especially if one aims to get 170 in quant, the test series helps by exposing to advanced quant concepts. Overall, the Galvanize platform was user friendly and easy to use. I had no problems whatever. The post-test analytics and comments sections give a hawk eye view of the areas to be focused on, thus streamlining the learning process. Galvanize was the right choice for my GRE prep. It gave me the right amount and nature of practice to crack the exam.

Rajnish Yadav, India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Rajnish Yadav

GRE Score- 329 Verbal- 159 Quant- 170

Mock tests are crucial for any exam as they simulate the actual exam experience and provide feedback for improvement. Although there are quite a few test prep institutes offering these mock tests, I really liked the way the detailed test results, analysis and areas requiring improvement were presented after Galvanize mock tests.The difficulty level of Galvanize mock tests was comparable to that of the official ETS mock tests.The platform is certainly elegant.The analytics were superior in their detail and representation of test performance.

Shiv Rekhi, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Shiv Rekhi

GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 155 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 24

SSN College of Engineering

From the day I signed up for the Galvanize program I knew I was taking steps in the right direction in terms of my GRE preparation. The personalized study plan, the availability of a course manager and the wealth of material available for practice and study on the portal just makes the whole process of studying for the test highly systematic and streamlined. The feature that motivated me most however was the projected score feature. Just watching the projected score go up by one or two points would push me to work harder and get closer to my target score.

Priyanka Dani, Vellore India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Avatar

GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 159 Quant- 164

Score Improvement- 15

VIT Vellore

I had enrolled for the 3 month GRE program offered by Galvanize Test Prep. The program was well planned and suited to my needs. It ensured that I studied regularly which is needed and often the biggest challenge faced by students. The study plan was flexible and could be changed if needed. I got enough support from the team of experts and coordinators. I would highly recommend Galvanize.

Sindhuja Balaji, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Sindhuja Balaji

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 157 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 11


KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Galvanize has a plethora of questions on both Verbal and Quant sections with brilliant quality. They start right from the fundamentals of any concept and encompass all the strategies and techniques, which can make a very difficult question seem easy. The mock tests are the remarkable feature of Galvanize, they are exactly of the GRE standard and predicted my score spot on. The insights you would find on each and every test and the personalized feedback you would receive on your mock tests are invaluable and undeniably helped me.

Venugopal Hegde, Mumbai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Venugopal hegde

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 159 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 12

Manipal Institute of Technology


My experience on the Galvanize online platform was pretty good.The analytics on the mock tests helped me identify my weak areas and helped me manage time as well.I feel I made the right decision in taking the mock test series from Galvanize as it helped me in improving on my weak areas in the Verbal section. I would definitely recommend Galvanize to my friends.

Sahitya Sridhar, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Sahitya Sridhar

GRE Score- 325 Verbal- 157 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 26

SSN College of Engineering

I found the course to be extremely engaging and interactive. In the online lecture videos, the teachers discuss the syllabus and the different ways to approach the questions in detail.The Study Plan generated was apt, not very strenuous, and, at the same time, engaging and challenging. The highlight of the study plan was the importance given to additional reading material which is missing in most other coaching institutes.The analytics on the mock tests were detailed and extremely critical. It gave me much insight on the topics to focus on, and the responses from the instructors were quick and prompt too.Galvanize test prep is a GAME CHANGER. I made the right choice and it is a MUST for every GRE test taker.

Dnyanada Joshi, Pune India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Dnyanada Joshi

GRE Score- 326 Verbal- 161 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 25

College of Engineering, Pune

The best thing I liked about Galvanize is how it tailors the preparation material and provide a schedule to your needs so that you can make the most of your time and energy. The online platform provided a flexible way of preparation. I was able to learn at my own pace and make the most of the resources at hand without overworking myself. The real-time score predictor and preparation level indicator motivated me to practice more questions.The course managers maintained a friendly relationship with me and I could freely ask all my doubts to them, any time of the day and they would answer as soon as possible.Moreover, the mobile app made sure that my preparation did not suffer even when I didn’t have a computer around.

Sagnik sinha Roy, New Delhi India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Sagnik sinha Roy

GRE Score- 325 Verbal- 161 Quant- 164

Delhi Technological University


Ebenezer Ajay Williams, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Ebenezer Ajay Williams

GRE Score- 321 Verbal- 155 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 26

SSN College of Engineering

Galvanize is not just any other commercial coaching centre, but one that truly wants students to achieve better marks. Frankly, that’s why I joined.The software platform was very interactive and had a good UI that made the platform less boring.The Course Manager was easily the best part of the course. For lazy people like me, it is necessary for someone to be on our backs reminding us of our Mock Tests and course schedule.

Akhilesh Halageri, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Akilesh

GRE Score- 328 Verbal- 163 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 12

National Institute Of Engineering


Overall it was a good experience. The mock tests helped me learn what I was doing wrong.I did not have enough time to go through all the study material but they seemed good and comprehensive.I liked how they have structured the course.

Kunwar Kshivam Srivastav, Vellore India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Kshivam Srivastav

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 157 Quant- 163

Score Improvement- 15

VIT Vellore

I scored 305 in the first free mock test from Galvanize. I wasn’t willing to take a risk knowing that was where I stood. So I enrolled with Galvanize Test Prep and found it to be very useful. There is a very good set of mock tests and hundreds of video lectures. In the end, I scored 320 (Q-163, V-157) on the test day.I owe it all to the Galvanize team!

Simran Modi, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Simran Modi

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 155 Quant- 165

SSN College of Engineering

It would have to be Galvanize, for me. I booked my GRE date as a motivation to study but found myself under-prepared as the test date approached. Galvanize crash course seemed like a good option for my situation. Question-type(Verbal) and section-wise(both) tests were extremely helpful. The difficulty level was on par with most GRE guides. They promptly reminded me of upcoming mock tests and gave helpful pointers to improve my score based on my last mock test performance. All in all, these factors enabled me to focus and give a good GRE performance.

Rahul MK, Bengaluru India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Rahul MK

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 155 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 18


My preparation was very well-structured, thanks to the experts at Galvanize. GRE preparation requires not just the material and structure, but also a constant monitoring as to where the student is facing a problem.There have been several techniques recommended which boosted my score by 5 points at least.You guys are already doing a great job!

What students love about Galvanize

Surbhi Srivastava,
GRE Score: 330

"Between Magoosh and Galvanize, I felt Galvanize was more suited for me...."

Harsh Gondaliya,
GRE Score: 330

"Ultimately, I scored a 330 so I'm very happy and would definitely recommend Galvanize to..."

Janssen J. Ongaigui,
GRE Score: 331

"All in all, Galvanize has been really helpful! I would recommend Galvanize to my friends..."

Indranil Chakraborty,
GRE Score: 332

"Galvanize test prep course, I think , is a very comprehensive one- stop solution."

Mukund Bharadwaj,
GRE Score: 331

"I got a personalized study plan, that was created well according to my needs. I am glad to say..."

Shyam Ravishankar,
GRE Score: 332

"I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+..."

Hritiz Gogoi,
GRE Score: 325

"Galvanize Mock Tests emulates the GRE exam environment. That was extremely helpful."

Priyanka Dani,
GRE Score: 323

"Great Verbal and Quant materials. My progress was continuously monitored."

Simran Modi,
GRE Score: 320

"Personalized Feedback from the Mock Tests helped me a lot. Especially the Verbal.."

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Alok Pandey

"diagnostic test on their platform was a huge eye-opener for me"

Justine Ayroor

"effective for people struggling with both the quant and verbal"

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