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Supercharge Your Preparation With
GRE Sample Test

Test your knowledge of the GRE Questions.
Get a full prediction of your score along with detailed analytics.

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Why Should I Take This GRE Sample Test?

Baseline Score

Our GRE sample test will accurately predict your score. Face the highest quality GRE sample questions on the way.

Focus On Weakness

Identify your strengths and weaknesses with In-Depth Analysis of your performance on the test organized by skill area.

“Big Picture” GRE

Get up close and personal with GRE math and verbal sample questions and its time limits. Fastest possible exposure to the challenge.

Who Can Take This Sample Test?

Everybody. We offer a free GRE sample test resembling the GRE general test to all prospective test takers because we know all too well the value of knowing a baseline score. Having that number in hand is the first step in a successful prep – journey.

GRE Quant Analytics in Sample Test
GRE Sample Test with feedback analytics

Practice, Analyze And Improve.

A GRE sample exam is a giant leap forward in your GRE preparation journey. It highlights areas of improvement while giving you the “test day experience.” This can be experienced only when you answer GRE example questions from the test.

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Question-Wise Performance Analysis

This GRE sample test gives you a report of time spent, estimated time of other test-takers and feedback for every question you answered. This helps you analyze your performance on every GRE sample question and strive to improve your score.
GRE Question wise performance analysis

FAQs on GRE Sample Test

How many GRE Practice tests should I take?

The more, the better. Most students prep for anywhere between 3 – 6 months. With this amount of time, it’s reasonable to ask that you take at least 5 GRE sample tests. This will make landing your dream score easier. First, take a sample test BEFORE you start your prep. This will give you an idea of your weaknesses and where there’s room for improvement. Then make sure to take sample tests every few weeks to ensure consistent improvement in your score. Towards the end of your preparation, take one last GRE sample test to see how far you’ve come since Day 1.

What are some tips for taking GRE practice tests?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking GRE sample tests.

  1. Take the GRE sample tests at the same time that you will the actual GRE exam. If you are taking the final GRE in the morning, take the GRE sample test also at the same time.
  2. Never leave the sample test in the middle or pause it as will not have these options on the actual GRE exam.
  3. Take the GRE sample test in calm places like a library where there will be no disturbance. This will help you concentrate.
  4. Do not skip any questions and complete all the sections, taking minimal breaks in between.

Why are GRE sample tests so important to getting high scores?

Long story short : Taking GRE sample tests will help you get familiar with the actual exam pattern, with your weaknesses (and strengths!) and give you an idea of what will be required of you on the day of your test. In other words, GRE sample tests help boost your confidence and stamina!

Are the GRE sample test scores an indication of my actual GRE score?

The GRE practice test scores of Galvanize Test Prep are a good indication of what you can expect on the actual GRE exam. In fact these sample questions were prepared by Top GRE experts and alumni of Top universities including Stanford University! Users find themselves really happy with the sample test scores and feedback they receive after. Check out students feedback here.

How is the score report of the GRE sample test helpful in improving my score?

Every time you take a sample test, you must ensure to analyse the score report and then make improvements in your preparation. When you take the Galvanize GRE sample test, you’ll get a detailed score report with data including time spent on every sample question and the time other users took on the very same questions in comparison. With this report you can focus on turning your weaknesses into your strengths!

Remember – “If you can’t measure, you can’t improve.” With this Sample test, we’ll measure to help you improve!

What students love about our GRE Sample Test

I came across the Galvanize Test Prep app on the App Store. I should say that I attempted all the 5 full-length GRE Tests and this gave me a lot of practice for the GRE. Thank you!

Ly NguyenUnited States

I really liked the sample tests and the practice questions as well. I did some research and found their free GRE sample test on their website. They made the tests be as close as possible to the real GRE.

Zihad AzadBangladesh

Their analytics and feedback after GRE Sample Test were extremely useful and ensured that I didn’t make the same mistakes and also it threw light on my weaknesses and helped me prepare better.

Gayatri GopalIndia
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