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Improve your GRE score by 5 points.
Or, we'll give you a full refund.

100% Satisfaction + Effectiveness Guaranteed.

If you're not satisfied, We're not satisfied.

Let's get right down to it.

Which Galvanize GRE courses come with a Score-Improvement Guarantee?

  • If you have a GRE Crash’, ‘GRE 90′, ‘GRE Plus’ or ‘GRE 360′ Course subscription, we guarantee a 5-point increase in your overall score. This guarantee promises a 5-point increase in your overall score, compared to your previous exam score when you complete one of these courses.
  • The Score Improvement Guarantee does NOT apply to the ‘GRE Mock Test Series’, ‘GRE Verbal Only’, and ‘GRE Quant Only’ Courses.

Are there any requirements I need to meet?

  • You must have taken the exam before studying with Galvanize.
  • Your old score must be valid (i.e. less than 5 years old) and your previous score which is lower than 330.
  • Take the GRE exam within 2 months of one of our purchased courses expiring.
  • E-mail us a copy of your “Previous” score report when you enroll. A scan or screenshot of your official score report is fine. Click here or email us at with the subject line “Previous Score Report for GRE Score Guarantee” to submit your older score report. You can also send your GRE Score Report to your respective Course Manager as well.
  • Complete all tasks in your Study Plan, including watching all videos, and taking all quizzes and tests provided. Read all explanations provided for practice questions by Galvanize.
  • Mastering the word sets on the Galvanize Vocabulary app and exhausting all questions on the Galvanize GRE Practice app.
  • Post all of your queries on the portal, implementing the feedback given by our Instructors.

What if I haven't taken the GRE before?

  • Unfortunately, if you have not previously taken the GRE exam, you are not eligible for the Score Improvement Guarantee. However, you are still welcome to use our services and prepare for the exam.

If you have made a genuine effort to prepare for the GRE exam by meeting the requirements outlined above, but your score does not improve by at least 5 points, you may request a full refund by sending us a copy of your official score report to our email-id below.

Questions? E-mail us at or give us a call at +91 95000 20740.

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