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Vaishnav Meduri

Probably the best GRE Vocab builder App made. It has an interactive interface with relevant figures, sentence usage as well as etymology which makes learning fun. The vocabulary words with meanings are explained elaborately and are presented in a simple language.

Jessica V

I like the quick and easy format of this vocabulary builder app. It allows me to use context to clarify words I'm familiar with but don't quite know and it's good practice for reviewing words. I recommend it to all who plan on improving their vocabulary words knowledge.

Jeremy Snyder

So far I think this is the best vocabulary builder app that I've used. It's engaging & helps drive you towards your goal. The format really helps the content to be absorbed through repetition & practice without leaving you stick in one area so that you lose interest.

Thrishala Shetty

This vocabulary app provides a fun way to learn new words and build up one's knowledge. I find it extremely useful and easy to use. Good job! Highly recommended. The illustrations makes it even easier to know and remember the exact meaning of the words.

Fun and Addictive Vocab Builder App

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