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✔ 30 days of Validity ✔ Diagnostic Test ✔ 4+ Hours of Video Lessons ✔ 18+ Practice Assessments ✔ 2 Mock Tests

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✔University Applications ✔LORs & SOP ✔Profile Building ✔Educational Loan ✔US Bank Account ✔International Student ID card and more...

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Engaging Video Lessons

Learn from leading IELTS experts in fun, engaging videos! Never get bored learning!

Updated Practice Questions

For all 4 IELTS modules! The most updated set of practice questions for a high IELTS score.

Performance Analysis

For every assessment you take on our platform, you’ll get to see detailed statistics on your performance.

IELTS-style tests

Take our series of full-length IELTS Tests. By the end of your course, you’ll feel completely prepared.

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