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Python Developer / Python Architect

Full Time
Posted 4 years ago

Job Description:  

As a Software Engineer, you will have an opportunity to design and develop our platform (Web & Mobile Apps) which can scale to handle millions of customers worldwide.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Besides contributing to the backend codebase, should also contribute to the Technical Architecture such as Database Schema, API & Code Design, etc. for the Backend. Take pride in developing highly optimized code that is reusable.

  • Should be able to distinguish “good code” and “bad code”. Do code reviews that check for maintainability, readability, performance, documentation and whether the code conforms to the architecture, etc.

  • Work closely with the Tech Lead to:

    • Ensure that the Tech Recruitment Evaluation process is streamlined. This includes shortlisting profiles, coming up with interview questions, conduct interviews, etc.

    • Enable smooth on-boarding of new employees/interns and make sure that they ramp up quickly with the right technical skills.

  • Work closely with the Dev team to ensure system consistency and improve the user experience. Build large features end-to-end (data model, middle tier, front-end), and understand how multiple features come together. Should be able to develop and maintain functional and stable web applications to meet our company’s needs.

  • Provide technical influence across multiple teams, drive best practices, follow emerging technologies, and shape how the engineering team works.

Skill Requirements:

  • Should have an Architect mindset, who will ensure that we take the correct technical decisions from a software point of view – right from server architecture, software architecture, database design, devops, and everything in between.

  • CS degree background is highly appreciated, though not mandatory.

  • Strong hands-on experience with Python (including Django REST Framework) is a must

  • Extensive experience working across our technical stack (Our backend stack includes Django, PostgreSQL, Celery, AWS EC2), developing modern web apps, and building systems that scale.

  • Solid work experience of OOPS, Data Structures, Algorithms, Time Complexity analysis, Design Principles, DB Schema are a must.

  • Creating database schemas that represent and support business use cases and implementing unit tests.

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning, CI/CD, server config tools, etc like Git, Jenkins, Fabric, etc.

  • Experience working in a product startup where things were done at scale is a plus.

  • Experience designing/developing robust API’s for high volume systems. (RESTful, GraphQL)

  • Have experience working in an Agile environment


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