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An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

World Class Experts

Learn from experienced English Experts. Ask unlimited questions.

Personalized Guidance

Follow a Study Plan tailored to your needs. Benefit from individual attention.

Improve All-Round

Build your vocab, ace English grammar and Reading Comprehension!

Atomic Analytics

Instant analytics to help you identify exactly what you need to work on.

By 2020, the British Council forecasts that TWO Billion people will be Speaking or Learning English.

English Fundas is everything you need.

From the start till the finish line.

Personalized Study Plan

We’ll prepare a personalized study plan for you based on how you perform on a 30-minute Benchmarking Test. The plan’s daily tasks will help you master the fundamentals of English, and help you gain confidence in your test-prep!

Basic English Learning
Learn English Online App

Timely Feedback Reports

After each of your Milestone Tests, you will receive a personalized feedback report on your performance. This will highlight the areas in which you have shown definite progress, point out your weaknesses and direct you to topics on which you need to focus.

Analyze Your Performance

For every assessment you take on our platform, you’ll get to see detailed statistics on your performance – how much time you spent on every question, your accuracy on each question or across question types, and more!

Learn English Online
Learn English Online

Milestone Tests

The 3 comprehensive Milestone Tests are carefully designed to test you on your progress in all the areas of English fundamentals. By the end of your course with Galvanize, you will find your English and your reading skills significantly improved.

Unlimited Ask-an-Expert!

Get expert guidance throughout your course period. Whenever you need help or have any questions, post your questions online and our experts will get back to you!

Learn English Online

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To Help

Efficiently Crack the English Sections of...

Competitive Exams (Bank PO, Civil Services, and more!) and Campus Placement Exams

To Build

Verbal Basics before you begin your Prep for...

Study-Abroad Exams (GRE, GMAT, SAT & more!) and English Proficiency Tests (TOEFL and IELTS)

Our Students Absolutely Adore Us

I want to give the GRE after the completion of my second year but first I want to improve my English language skills. GRE Verbal seemed very difficult. That's when I decided to enroll for the English Fundas course. So far, the Vocab App has been extremely helpful for me. The illustrations are very useful.

Arthik RajStudent, Manipal Institute Of Technology

The words on the Vocab App have gone a long way in helping me. Everyday I choose 5-6 words as instructed and then I practice sentence formation. I aim to make ten sentences a day. Daily practicing of these words and the wholly supportive nature of your Galvanize team really helped me a lot in my journey.

Akhil SouravStudent, IIIT, Sri City

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