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  • Learn from graduates of elite universities with 50+ years of individual teaching experience at affordable prices
  • Having overseen high test scores and Ivy-League admissions, we can safely say the only goal we care about is yours
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High Level of Personalization

  • A specially designed ‘Diagnostic Test’ allows us to identify your true skill level – your ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’
  • We then create a ‘personalized study plan’ that caters to your specific needs and skill level

Progress Tracking & Motivation

  • With regular assessments, you’ll be able to see visible improvements in your performance
  • To keep you motivated, you’ll get compliments for work well done, and warnings for slacking off
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Superior Quality at Affordable Prices

  • It’s very simple: Get the results you dream of without overpaying
  • Learn comfortably and confidently, knowing you’re getting the best tutors under one roof

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What subjects do you tutor?

Our tutors can help students excel in English, Math and Biology for middle school, high school and AP (Advanced Placement) courses, as well as for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT and the GRE.

How long are your tutoring sessions?

Each tutoring session is 1 hour long. Shorter sessions are not “meaty” enough, while most students find it harder to sustain their attention span for longer durations.

What if I'm late to a tutoring session?

Your tutor will wait for 10 minutes for you to join the session before leaving the session as a “no-show”. Tutors will also intimate the parent whenever a no-show happens. Please note that no-show sessions are counted towards your paid tutoring sessions since the tutor has blocked this time to teach you, making herself unavailable to other students during this time.

As a student, how do I know I’m improving?

As they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” You will realize that Galvanize tutoring sessions are working for you when you can personally feel your understanding of the subject improve after a few sessions. Your ability to solve problems and assignments will also increase, as will your scores on the tests you take.

As a parent, how do I know if my child is improving?

After every 10 hours of tutoring per subject, you will receive an email report summarizing your child’s progress in that subject. This report will give you a clear picture of the areas your child has made progress in, as well as the skills yet to be conquered.
Still, as a parent, it would be helpful for you to speak with your child after the first few tutoring sessions. Rather than asking “yes/no” questions, open-ended questions like, “how do you feel about Galvanize tutoring?” are likely to elicit more accurate responses from your child. And at the end of the day, the confidence with which your child approaches his/her exams, as well as the scores obtained on the tests, should suffice to give you a clear picture of how well our tutoring is working for your child.

Can I sign up for a Verbal or Math only subscription?

Absolutely yes. You can do that! All our plans are highly flexible. Feel free to call or  WhatsApp us on 95000 20740

How are your tutors selected?

All our tutors are carefully evaluated based on their subject matter expertise, as well as their ability to effectively teach students across a variety of age groups. Our tutors are passionate about their subjects and dedicate themselves to creating a genuine appreciation and understanding for that subject in any student, no matter how the child initially feels about that particular subject.

How many sessions can I take in a week?

1-2 sessions per subject per week should suffice for most students. 3 sessions per week can feel overwhelming for most students, especially since in some cases there may be homework to do between sessions.

Will there be homework between sessions?

The key purpose of tutoring is to enable your child to become proficient enough in the subject so they can eventually do well on a test, and in life. For your child to attain the required proficiency, the time spent with the tutor is ideally supplemented with practice between sessions, in the form of homework and practice on the topics taught during prior sessions.

How does the course work?

It’s 100% online. Say goodbye to DVDs and books. It’s all online. The assessments, especially, are designed to emulate the GRE experience. We therefore recommend accessing the content using a laptop or desktop.

Can I skip a tutoring session?

We recommend that students stick to the schedule of planned tutoring sessions since consistent learning and guidance is critical to success. However, if a student has to skip a session for unavoidable reasons, please inform the tutor 24 hours in advance, or else the session will be forfeited and will count toward your paid sessions. Our tutors are highly skilled professionals, and hence it is our collective responsibility to value their time.

What are the system requirements for tutoring?

All one needs is a computer or tablet with good internet connectivity (good enough for video calls and screen sharing). Most laptops are equipped with inbuilt microphones and speakers that allow the student and the tutor to speak with each other. The software that we generally use for our tutoring sessions is Google Hangouts.

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