Master's in Artificial Intelligence: Discover the Pathway to Cutting-Edge Careers

Stanford Alum unlocks the secret!

Webinar on Friday, 7th June 2024, 7 PM (IST)

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About your Host!

Pavithra Srinivasan
M.S EE, Stanford University
Founder, Galvanize Global Education

  • M.S in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University with a 100% Fellowship.

  • 20+ years of combined product and EdTech experience in Silicon Valley & as an entrepreneur in India, she co-founded 2 EdTech companies.

  • Designed & launched multiple successful Test prep mobile apps at Galvanize! (1 Million+ downloads)

  • Guided many students to successfully secure Ivy League Admits!

Key Highlights of the webinar!

Understanding AI and Its Impact:
A brief history & evolution of AI technologies, along with current trends & future directions in the field.
Importance of a Master’s in AI
An overview of the value of an advanced degree, its impact on career opportunities, and a comparison of career prospects with and without a Master’s in AI.
Prerequisites and Preparation:
This session breaks down the essential academic backgrounds, math & stats skills (we got you!), & programming power you need for an AI Master’s.
Application Process and Tips:
Comprehensive guidance on applying to AI programs, including tips for writing a strong SOP, securing strong LORs, & preparing for the GRE, TOEFL/IELTS.
Career Opportunities of AI:
AI careers are leveling up FAST! Tech, finance, healthcare – the whole squad needs AI rockstars to build the future. Learn about the average salaries, job security, and more!
Q&A session
A chance to clear your doubts from the Stanford Alum! Use this chance to ask anything related to study abroad, AI, career planning etc.

Find out the key differences between commonly conflated areas such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Analytics, with real world examples!

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