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Top STEM Universities | STEM Education Abroad

An Indpth Guide to

Top STEM Universities

Chapter 1

STEM Education Abroad

STEM has been a buzzword in the higher education industry for decades now. Ever since the advent of computers the demand for qualified professionals, and STEM degrees has seen a meteoric rise. Western nations and advanced economies such as the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK have been frontrunners in  offering cutting edge and innovative educational opportunities to students who wish to explore this domain. 

Why Study Abroad

Why study abroad | Top STEM universities

Global Exposure:

Universities abroad attract talented students from all over the world. Hence for Indian students it is a wonderful opportunity to interact with peers having diverse experiences. Such an exposure will enable students to broaden their horizon and develop their acumen in specified areas. Moreover, this will be an essential life experience for students learning to live and work in a new country and adjusting to a new culture. Since many companies are looking to employ students with global exposure, this will be an added advantage to your resume.

Emphasis on Practical Training:

STEM Programs abroad have a strong focus on practical education. With relevant Research Projects, Industrial Attachments, In-program Internships, students get to be a part of exciting work on the applied facets of subjects they will study at University. This training will be very useful while looking for jobs and even after finding employment. Such hands-on educational techniques ensure students are in touch with the ground realities of the subject and its current market applications.

Cutting Edge Technology & Research:

All the university ranking systems such as The QS World University Rankings, THE – Times Higher Education University Rankings, etc, will attest to the quality of education in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK. These countries have wealthy universities that have the latest equipment, advanced infrastructure, and well-endowed laboratories. Bright students will get a chance to get familiar with avant-garde technology and its uses.

Excellence Across STEM Disciplines:

The best part of study abroad is the pedagogical inventiveness and academic depth that is offered by universities there. When it comes to STEM disciplines – a wide spectrum of subjects and courses are provided. Students can choose from many sub-disciplines of just say computer science, and study the program with specializations such as AI, ML, HCI, Data Science, Network Security, etc. Such a graduate study in STEM subjects and their specializations will in turn enhance the student’s confidence and acuity in the domain

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Chapter 2

Popular STEM Destinations

While considering destinations, academic offering and ranking are the most important factors to consider. The US and the UK have the most number of universities that are top ranked worldwide and therefore have a ranking advantage over Canada, Australia, and Germany. Among the English speaking countries, the US, UK, and Canada have increased job prospects due to the size of their economy, especially in the STEM domain, though Australia is definitely not lagging far behind. If you have the requisite German language proficiency, it will be advantageous to pursue a career in Germany. However, the main advantage of the German education system is its cost, since many of the public universities do not charge a tuition fee for consecutive master’s degree programs. This is also one factor that makes it competitive to get through. Also with respect to cost, in the table below, more stars represents more cost and the US is the costliest destination in terms of tuition and living expenses. Students must keep in mind that studying abroad does come with its share of expenses, but with proper guidance, financial planning, it can be made easy. While the UK is less expensive and has several institutions that accept 3-year degrees from India, the master’s degree could be completed in 1-year reducing the overall cost of education. Read our blog to know more about the STEM prospects in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK

Popular STEM destinations

Note:  Higher stars correspond to more prospects/ enhanced quality, except for the ‘Cost’ category, here higher starts correlate to higher cost. 

Chapter 3

Top STEM Universities


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT

Georgia Institute of Technology - Georgia Tech

Texas A&M University

Carnegie Mellon University - CMU

Purdue University - West Lafayette 


University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

McGill University

University of Waterloo

University of Montreal


Australian National University

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of New South Wales

University of Queensland


Technical University of Munich

RWTH Aachen

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Technical University of Berlin

Technical University of Dresden


Imperial College London

University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

University College London

University of Manchester


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