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Corona virus Impact: Jobs take a hit – Article48 min read

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The IPL has been cancelled. You’re going to have to wait longer now to see Dhoni and the rest of CSK- ugh!
Doordarshan (DD) is broadcasting Shaktimaan again. Not to mention, summer is coming soon to Tamil Nadu!
To add to your woes, you’re one of a billion people stuck at home because of this whole COVID-19 scare. The global economy is set to take a huge blow. How will this affect YOU in the future?

How has the COVID-19 affected campus placements in India?

During an economic crisis, companies stop or limit hiring, cut salaries, and even jobs. In India, 52% of CEOs across sectors predict job losses (CII CEO snap poll of 200 CEOs).
College job placements are under threat – 50,000 students in institutes across India are yet to be placed. 40 placement offers at IITs and 35 at IIMs have been revoked so far.

The Director of IIT Delhi, Mr. V.Ramgopal Rao, publicly appealed for companies to honour their placement commitments but companies are requesting for more time.

This worrying trend can be expected to continue in the near future till the world begins to recover from the pandemic.

This means that the competition for jobs will be immense over the next 18-24 months at least. Do you have other option in case you are not able to find a job in your area of interest?

What can students do to protect their futures during a time like this?

At Galvanize Test Prep, we strongly believe that as an undergraduate student, you need to make sure that you keep all your options open at this time. The job market is going to be quite difficult in the medium term.

It’s no secret that jobs are disappearing. Job offers made a few months ago are being rescinded by companies around the world. So it’s our duty to let you in on a little secret to: if you’re planning on applying for a Fall 2021 admit to universities abroad, NOW is actually the best time to start preparing.

I know, I know. I’m sure you think it’s too early but in this article, we’re going to break down exactly why you should start right away – and how NOT starting right now could put you at a disadvantage when the application season starts later this year!

Make sure that you are using the time available now to continue with your study abroad preparation and application to give you a competitive edge in today’s market. Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 aspirants are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the time that graduate school offers to improve their skills and ride out a bad economy.

If you do manage to get your dream job in a competitive economy, you can always defer your admissions to graduate school if you want. But if you do not apply to graduate school, you will not have that option available in case you are not able to find a job on graduation or not able to find a job in your area of interest.

What are the benefits of preparing early for Fall 2021 admissions?

We can make the COVID-19 crisis into a moment that will work greatly to our advantage in the near future. You can do that by starting your preparation for Fall 2021. And here’s the best part – you can do all of this from the complete safety and comfort of your home!

Tip/Fact 1: Good test scores will make a huge difference when it comes to whether you secure admission to a university or not. Depending on the country you want to study in, you will need to take certain tests – the GRE, TOEFL or IELTS.

Benefit 1: Starting early in your preparation for Standardized Tests will definitely help you achieve a high score. Starting early also means that if you want to take any test again for an even higher score, you will have the time to do that!

Action Step 1: Most classroom-based coaching centres are closed right now but online courses are still widely available – and they might actually be a better choice for you! Also, if you wait till after colleges open or later in the year, you may not be able to dedicate the time needed.

Tip/Fact 2: All departments/professors will take a close look at the SOP/LOR when considering students for admits and scholarship. As part of your application to universities, you need to submit a Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation – sometimes other essays are needed too. 

Benefit 2: These documents are weighted very heavily by universities. Sometimes a great SOP can explain and offset other weaknesses in your profile (low GPA or average GRE score). But working on a good SOP takes time. But if you start early with a proper guide you can end up with an outstanding SOP of your own.

Action Step 2: Start writing your Outstanding SOPs and get opinions from your seniors or even experts to get it ready.

Confused about how to prepare for your study-abroad tests online? Galvanize can help!

Tip/Fact 3: A lot of students wait till the deadline to apply. However, applying early is an advantage for students.

Benefit 3: Universities in the US for example will admit students in early rolling admissions if they meet the specific university criterion. If you start now, you have one more distinct advantage – you can meet Early Applications deadlines!

Action Step 3: So make use of the advantage of early applications by starting on your editing work now or starting your test preparation right away! 

Tip/Fact 4: Finally but most importantly Many universities have scholarship deadlines starting in early December for Fall 2021.

Benefit 4: Getting a scholarship requires a lot of work on your SOP, LOR’s. At this point, you have one thing that money cannot buy – time ! As colleges are closed, you can use this time to get started on your editing work which is the more difficult part of your application.

Action Step 4: So get started now to give yourself the best chance to get a scholarship. Use the time available to make sure that you put together a really strong case for your admission with your documentation.

[Bonus] Benefit 6 : Of course, your primary concern right now should be about staying safe for yourself and your family. We agree 100%. But you are not doing anything to affect your health by starting your preparation for Fall 2021.

Worried how to start preparing for your Fall 2021 applications from home? Get a customized action plan!

How can you prepare for Fall 2021 while keeping yourself completely safe?

First of all, you are applying for Fall 2021 which is almost a year and a half away. By that time, countries should hopefully have the virus situation under control and defined methods to best treat the virus should be in place

We have the best minds from across the world working on the problem. Already, China seems to be getting back to normal after the quarantine. The US FDA is running a lot of clinical trials to determine the best course of treatment.

Let us talk about safety – by enrolling with Galvanize Test Prep, you get quality online education from the safety of your home. Our test prep is online with a high level of personalization built in.

Our entire admission counselling process is also online and you get access to experienced counselors with degrees from really good foreign universities from the comfort of your home.

Do not get left behind when you have the free time available to prepare from the safety of your home for a small investment.

Want to know how Galvanize can help you from the comfort of your home?

Getting good jobs in India on graduation is going to be tough as campus recruitment will be far lesser in an economic downturn. Industries like IT, tech startups, traditional industries will probably be hiring much less.

One really good way to manage a bad economy is to go for your MS, MBA or PhD in a quality university abroad. Keep your options open – if you get a dream job and want to work, you can always defer your admit.

If you don’t get a job and don’t have an admit to enroll for a MS or PhD, it may be more difficult for you to find a job with a gap on your resume post graduation.

Upskill-ing with a graduate program is a great option to have to get through 2 years of a bad economy. BUT IF YOU DO NOT APPLY, YOU WILL NOT HAVE THAT OPTION.

Smart students around the world right now are going to be taking advantage of this time to get ahead of the others for Fall 2021. If your priority is securing a stable future in two years time, you should look at starting your preparation for test prep and admissions counselling right now to take advantage of the time available currently and give yourself the chance to get into better universities with scholarships.

Remember : This is an important – but temporary disruption to our plans. Things will get better in the coming days and lives will resume. Right now, it’s all about making the best of an unfortunate situation and keeping your options open!

How can Galvanize Test Prep help you during this time?

Galvanize Test Prep fully comprehends the gravity of the situation. We are committed to the safety of our employees and the future of our customers – both currently enrolled and those looking to enroll.

We will continue to counsel any student looking to pursue their education abroad as we know all too well the value of a degree, even during times of economic uncertainty. Perhaps especially then.

All of our test prep courses – GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and SAT – and our admissions counseling services are conducted 100% online.

Enrolled learners can continue to prepare for their futures from the safety of their home! High-quality. Proven. Engaging.

Our academic and admission counseling teams will work from the safety of their home too, ensuring they can keep teaching you.

Rest assured, as long as the internet is a thing and education is the gateway to success, we will continue helping those determined to learn.

Feel free to reach out to our counselors for more guidance or answers to any questions you might have now!

Have more questions about how the Covid-19 will affect YOUR study-abroad plans? Get personalized guidance from an expert!

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