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Prodigy Finance believes in sending the worlds’s top talent to the globe’s best universities. That’s why we’re offering international students competitive loans without collateral or a co-signer. Our model is border less and entirely online, allowing us to offer loans in over 150 countries.

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Why Prodigy Finance?

No collateral or co-signer required

Easy and fast online process

Community benefits

No repayments while you study

No penalties for early repayment

No hidden costs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I eligible?

To receive a loan you must be admitted to a school and program that we support. Click here to explore our schools.

We provide loans to students who want to study abroad, so your chosen school must be located outside your country of residence and “home country” (if different) when you apply for a loan. There are some exceptions:

  • If you have lived in your study country for less than 1 year when you apply for a loan, you are eligible
  • U.K. residents are eligible to study in the U.K.
  • U.S. residents are eligible to study in the U.S. if you are living in an eligible state and are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident when you apply for a loan

2. Which schools do we support?

We currently support 328 schools at 155 universities and are expanding all the time.  Click here to see which schools we support.

3. How is my interest rate determined?

The interest rate we offer is tailored to you. To understand your potential, we assess variables provided in your application and from external factors. These variables are what make our credit model unique, ensuring we can offer you the most competitive rates possible, without you needing to provide collateral or a co-signer.

Your interest rate is made up of two parts: a fixed margin and base rate. We use 3 month LIBOR for the base rate which is the benchmark used by lenders around the world and varies with market fluctuations.

We recommend using APR to compare different loan offers.  APR is the annual rate charged for borrowing, expressed as a percentage, that represents the yearly cost of funds over the term of the loan and includes all fees and costs associated with servicing the loan.  It is not the rate at which interest accrues on your loan. Watch this video to learn more:

4. How does the loan process work?

You’ve been accepted into grad school – congratulations! Now it’s time to secure your funding.

Creating an Application: Check that we support your school, then register, start and submit your application, all through our online platform.

Application Review & Provisional Offer: If your application is successful we’ll review and respond with a Provisional Offer instantly, though this can take up to 5 days. To understand how we make our credit decisions, click here.

Verification: Next we need to verify the information you provided in your application; to do this we will request that you upload supporting documents.

Loan Approved: Congratulations! After successful verification you will receive a Loan Agreement Letter. You may use this document as proof of funds in your visa application.

Signing your Loan Agreement: We will contact you once you arrive in your country of study to e-sign your agreement. It will be counter- signed by Prodigy Finance, making the agreement binding on both parties.

Disbursing funds: We will disburse the funds directly to your school, removing all hassle so you can focus on getting to campus.counter-signed

Study and Grace Period:

  • Full time students: repayment begins 6 months from class end date
  • Part time students: repayment begins 3 months from final disbursement date

Loan Repayment: Your loan agreement will state the date that your first repayment is due, and you will receive monthly statements with the exact repayment amount due. For more information on loan repayment click here.

5. Is the Provisional Offer binding?

The Provisional Offer is a non-binding loan agreement that allows us to reserve funds for you. You can still request a change to your loan amount or withdraw (cancel) your application. You have 2 weeks to accept your Provisional Offer and move on to Verification, otherwise your application will expire. If this happens or you want to change schools, you will need to start a new application.

6. Can I get proof of funding for my visa?

An electronic copy of your Loan Confirmation Letter will be uploaded to your dashboard and can be used to support your visa application, and as a financial guarantee for your school. If you need a hard copy we can courier this to you for A £25 GBP fee, please request by emailing

Trusted by over 10,000 students

My priority was to own my own funding, and not burden my parents with a request for collateral. Prodigy Finance fit my requirements, and the entire process was very smooth.

Shishir SumanMS in Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Prodigy Finance has built trust by being transparent and responsive, making me comfortable with the online loan process and reducing my anxiety about funding.

Apurti MarodiaM.Eng. in Chemical Engineering Cornell University, USA

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