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Sanjana Suresh

Working Professional 

Accenture, Chennai

Got Admits from:

University of Texas, Arlington

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Shivani Sivashankar


K.J Somaiya College, Mumbai

Got Admits from:

University of Toronto, Canada

University of Michigan, USA

University of Maryland – College Park, USA

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College admission counselling

Why Galvanize Test Prep?

Dedicated Admissions Counselors

Our Counselors have a deep familiarity with the US university system, since they themselves tend to be graduates of top US universities.

SanjanaThe best thing about Galvanize admission counselling is their faculty is very straight forward. Thanks to this, I received admits from 5 out of 7 universities I applied to.

Personalized Approach

We understand that no two students are the same, so our approach is to bring out the best of each student into their application

Shivani: Well the first thing they did was ask me about my preference once I was done with my GRE & TOEFL. Based on my scores and overall profile, they tailored the process for me entirely. 

Support & Motivation

Whether you’re a full-time student or a working professional, we can help you make the right admissions decisions and secure your future.

Sanjana: I am a working professional, so I was very busy with work but my course manager was always on call with me which was very useful.

Wide & Varied Expertise

We have helped students succeed in a variety of fields, including Engineering, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Humanities, Economics, Management, and more.

Shivani: Galvanize ensured the universities  shortlisted for me were totally in sync with my interest of curriculum.

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