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SAT Score – 1560/1600

Vivyan scored a perfect 800/800 on the SAT math section!

“The study materials provided by Galvanize were truly exceptional and filled with valuable information. Moreover, their outstanding faculty members made the entire journey an enriching experience.”  – Vivyan K

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“A structured schedule, ample materials, updates, follow-up, engaging classes, and feedback enhance the learning experience.”

Pooja K.
Parent of Vivyan K.


“The thorough reviews of these practice exams greatly aided Ritu in pinpointing errors and elevating her scores.”

Parent of Rituparna


“Deep understanding of examination strategies, scoring methods, meticulous follow-up, and remarkable effectiveness.”

Karthik A.
Parent of Dhananjay A.

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Pavithra Srinivasan

Co-founder & Head of Customer Experience

M.S., Stanford University

Sriram Venkatraman

Co-founder & Chief Product

B.Tech., IIT Madras


Head of Academics

M.Sc, Maths , IIT Madras


Head of Admissions

Ph.D., University of Tennessee

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take for SAT preparation at Galvanize?

This is based on the students availability and the target date. Typically we offer anywhere from 2.5 months-8 months of SAT coaching including Mock Test analysis

What do you mean by Personalized Feedback Sessions?

In order to turn your weaknesses into strengths, you need to be aware of what your weaknesses are! Which is why we hold Personalised Feedback Sessions at regular intervals. Practice alone will not suffice.
We’ll help you identify where and why you’re losing points, and tell you how to turn it around!

Who should attend the monthly meetings?

This is a 1:1 meeting where we will have all the instructors for a particular student , the academic manager and admissions counselor. This is mainly for the parents to understand our teaching pedagogy and to address their concerns .It would be good if the student also attends the meetings. During this meeting we will be addressing all the concerns of the parents .

How much time is required to prepare for SAT ?

These are four of the best ways: starting early, taking up coaching at a testprep, taking at least one full-length practice test, focusing well in your high school classes. A minimum of 5 weeks is required to prepare for the SAT .

What kind of service is provided if I decide to retake the test?

You will be given the same personalized attention as the first time test takers. But these classes for retakes will focus mainly on reiterating the strategies and tests analysis.

Who can take the SAT Digital?

From the year 2023 all international students will take the SAT Digital test. But all US students will still take the SAT paper pen test.

If I need some help during the course, whom do I contact?

We understand that one of the most valuable tools to get a high score is being able to ask any question (no matter how “silly” you may think your question is) and get difficult or confusing concepts clarified.

Your questions will be answered by our SAT Experts who are fanatical about responding to every learner. This is our “Unlimited Ask-an-Expert” promise.

Have more questions?

Do you need further clarifications? We’re happy to help you. Feel free to email us or connect with us on WhatsApp! 

Should I memorize all the formulae in SAT ?

SAT provides a reference sheet of formulae. This will include most of the formulae that will be required to crack the math section. So you do not have to memorize all the formulae. But it is important understand how and when to employ your formulas on the SAT.

Can I take the SAT Digital Test @Home on my computer?

No .You have to register at a Testing center listed in the Collegeboard website

How does the SAT Digital Course work?

High-quality SAT prep material. Personalized feedback at every stage. Unlimited ask-an-expert option. These are the ingredients that we used to create the perfect SAT course out there. These are the ingredients we used to create the perfect SAT course out there. Show up for your classes, have a ton of fun learning from our SAT tutors, and don’t forget your homework! Our tutors take their jobs very seriously, so they’ll make sure you make progress through performance reviews and personalized feedback sessions!

Can I choose between SAT Digital and Paper pen test?

No. International students will be administered ONLY SAT Digital starting March 2023 whereas for US students SAT Digital test is NOT available till the end of 2023.

Where should I take the SAT Digital Test?

You can register with a Testing center for the test .The test centers will be listed in the collegeboard website.

Can I take my Laptop to the testing center?

Yes. This is a mandatory testing requirement. Your fully charged testing device with the Bluebook™ application installed (see detailed device requirements).

What is the score range for SAT Digital?

The score range remains the same like the SAT paper pen -400-1600 with a score of 200-800 in each of English and Math

Am I allowed to use the Calculator?

The SAT Digital Tests have onscreen calculators .Since the math section is fully calculator based , you have the option of using your own familiar calculator or use the on screen calculator in the test.

What is the recommended calculator ?

Though SAT Digital test has an on screen calculator interface ,the students are free to use their own familiar calculator. The most recommended one is the TI-84 Plus CE calculator.

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