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Solve real test questions, get detailed score analysis, and become ready for the SAT Exam.

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Why Should I Take This SAT Practice Test?

Get Exam Resembling questions

With our tailored SAT practice test, solve the highest quality SAT exam practice test questions in a fixed time and prepare for the actual test day.

Learn Your Weaknesses

We provide a detailed analysis of your score along with feedback to help you understand your weaknesses to work on and strengths to continue. 

The Practice is Free

We offer the SAT practice test for free, which is similar to the actual SAT test and provides a detailed analysis so you can prepare well and succeed in your preparation journey.

What You’ll Get in this SAT Practice Test?

Who Can Take This Sample Test?

Everybody. We offer a free SAT sample test resembling the SAT test to all prospective test takers because we know all too well the value of knowing a baseline score. Having that number in hand is the first step in a successful prep – journey.

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SAT mock test reading score analysis

Detailed Score Report.

With the Galvanize SAT practice test, you don’t only give the test but receive a detailed report about the time spent on each question, performance across different types of questions, and other students’ approaches to the same questions. You also receive feedback from Galvanize SAT experts. The feedback and insights help you improve. With detailed score report:

  • Know your time taken for each question
  • Estimated time for each question
  • Percentage of Learners who corrected the questions
  • Get feedback from experts
  • Predict your score  
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Question-Wise Performance Analysis

This SAT sample test gives you a report of time spent, estimated time of other test-takers and feedback for every question you answered. This helps you analyze your performance on every SAT sample question and strive to improve your score.
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Bonus with Our Free SAT Practice Test 

Ultimate SAT® Practice Questions App

Practice for SAT anytime, anywhere by solving 100s of real SAT resembling questions. Track your preparation level, receive performance analysis, improve your test score and achieve your goal. 

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Know where you stand in your study abroad journey as per your CGPA, test scores & technical skills. Receive expert guidance &  boost your chance of admission in your dream university & country. 

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