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Hritiz Gogai

Student, IIT, Roorkee

GRE 90 (90 Days)

GRE Score: 325/340
Quant: 167  & Verbal: 158

Priyanka Dani

Student, VIT University, Vellore

GRE 90 (90 Days)

GRE Score: 323/340
Quant: 164 & Verbal: 159



Average Score Improvement of Galvanize Students

Why Galvanize "GRE 90" Course?

Personalized Study Plan

We’ll prepare a personalized study plan for you based on how you perform on a 65-minute Diagnostic Test & when you plan to take your GRE. The plan’s daily tasks will guide you to your dream score step-by-step!

Priyanka: “The reason I enrolled with them was because their online platform and study plan were best suited to my needs”

Timely Feedback Reports

After every Mock Test, you’ll receive a Personalized Feedback Report on your performance. Get detailed insights on your strengths & weaknesses, mistakes to avoid, and how to improve to achieve your target!

Hritiz: “One of the best things I found about Galvanize is the report they give after every Mock Test. You will be able to see your own flaws and weaknesses, where you’re lagging behind.”

Analyze Your Performance

For every assessment you take on our platform, you’ll get to see detailed statistics on your performance – how much time you spent on every question, your accuracy on each question or across question types, and more!

Priyanka: “The tests were at regular intervals and my progress was continuously monitored via analytics”

World-class Course Material

Experience a course crafted by GRE Experts from Stanford, IITs & more.

Hritiz: “Learning materials and tests are satisfactory – especially the tests. The tests are really good, they kind of emulate the environment you get in the real exam. That was very helpful.

Dedicated Course Managers

Rest assured they will provide you with continuous support & motivation throughout your time with us.

Priyanka: “I could reach out to my course manager and she would help me out in any way possible, she would keep tabs on me and my progress and would give me the push whenever needed.”

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