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Personalized Study Plan

We’ll prepare a personalized study plan for you based on how you perform on a 65-minute Diagnostic Test & when you plan to take your GRE. The plan’s daily tasks will guide you to your dream score step-by-step!

Dhairyya: “I started with 314 and my scores on the actual GRE were 165(Verbal) and 169 (Quant).This change occurred in around only 20 days. So for me, Galvanize worked wonders. I would definitely suggest giving it a try.”

Timely Feedback Reports

After every Mock Test, you’ll receive a Personalized Feedback Report on your performance. Get detailed insights on your strengths & weaknesses, mistakes to avoid, and how to improve to achieve your target!

Sarang: “By practising on the Galvanize platform the tricks to solve the Rc’s can easily be mastered. They will also personally guide you if you are finding it difficult to understand on your own.”

Analyze Your Performance

For every assessment you take on our platform, you’ll get to see detailed statistics on your performance – how much time you spent on every question, your accuracy on each question or across question types, and more!

Dhairyya: “Before I began my preparation, my Verbal score was around 152 and Quant 162. After the preparation from Galvanize, my scores on the actual GRE were 165(Verbal) and 169 (Quant).This change occurred in around only 20 days.”

World-class Course Material

Experience a course crafted by GRE Experts from Stanford, IITs & more.

Sarang: “However , after completing Manhattan and Magoosh, I found that the Galvanize vocab builder was more helpful. The GRE will not test very complex words. Rather the structure of the sentences would be tortuous.

Dedicated Course Managers

Rest assured they will provide you with continuous support & motivation throughout your time with us.

Dhairyya: “As I had opted for virtual classes, my course manager were quite helpful in resolving my doubts and providing me guidance at any point of time.”

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